My Blogspiration

I love finding trendy pieces at a great price…who doesn’t? I also love turning pieces that seem much more thrifty into trendy pieces that I wear or look at every day and LOVE. So why start this blog? I want us to be able to share trendy yet thrifty finds with each other. It really is that simple. I am NOT a fancy blogger, a professional photographer, or doing this for any sort of income. I simply want a space that is real and full of creative juices just as much from me as from you!

It is my goal to use this blog to let you know when I find trendy pieces at thrifty prices, to share what items I found that make fantastically (made up word alert) trendy pieces with a little tlc, to report DIY ideas that I am currently obsessing over and how they turn out, and just over all ways to live thriftily without sacrificing trend. I LOVE to learn from others so if you have an idea in line with this blog’s purpose, then please let me know. Let’s learn from each other and create beautiful things!


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