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Americana Themed Party Decor on a Budget

11722120_10153505240071672_3090114973966614293_oY’all…you like that southern slang right? But seriously, I am inspired by some dear, southern friends today on the blog. I recently had the opportunity to decorate for a one year anniversary celebration of the youth leader and his wife at our church. Not only was I excited to celebrate all they had done at the church, but I was also excited to celebrate them becoming our good friends over the past year. Now, these two are Georgia peaches so I definitely wanted the party to have a Georgia country vibe. I took that into an Americana feel (I mean I was still feeling very patriotic after the Fourth of July) and ran with it. I had a budget of $100 and a lot of ideas running through my head. I can’t wait to share what I came up with you!

Without further ado, here is what I hope you can use as inspiration for an Americana themed party complete with DIY “how to”s and money saving tips for your own party no matter the decor you decide on.

imageFirst, I started by creating a ton of rag garlands in our party colors. I used some affordable material in our red, white, and blue color scheme to create my own DIY, budget friendly, country rag garlands. It cost me about $18 to make them all.

To make the garland, I purchased one yard of four different patterns (about $16). I then cut my material into one inch strips. Taking each strip, I folded each one in half with the pattern facing me and placed the folded edge about 2 inches above a long piece of twine (from Dollar Tree) like so: image Be sure the twine is the length you want your garland to be. Then I simply wrapped the two loose ends of my folded, one inch strip around the back of the twine and through the folded edge above the twine like so:

imageimageimagePull from the bottom of the strip to tighten and start with your next strip. I bunched some strips really close together on some garland strands and left them about 6 inches apart on others to give the different garland strands some variety. I hung some on borrowed pallets (donated to our youth group for free by a local home improvement store) and others above the food tables to add a real country, summer feel.

11264855_10153505240066672_2074573162746211750_nNext, I made banners with words on them by cutting small triangles out of material, using paint and stencils (you can use whatever you please to match your party) to add the letters, and gluing those triangles onto twine (again from the dollar tree). So easy! I splurged on this material because I loved the striped pattern. All in all, it cost about $14 to make all my word banners but you could easily do it for about $5.


imageI used plastic table clothes (from the Dollar Tree) covered by a thin, natural linen material (from Wal Mart for $2 a yard). I love cloth tablecloths but needed the ones for this party to feel more rustic. The natural linen was perfect and so affordable! I added two rolls of burlap about 4″ wide purchased from the Dollar Tree down the center as a runner, fresh flowers from a friend’s garden in mason jars (from Dollar Tree and old ones I already had), and some homemade wood cuts to finish off that rustic feel. Cost me about $24 for two food tables, a cake table, and a punch station.

imageFor the card area I hung twine from a pallet and added clothespins to hang all the cards from. I love displaying cards like this. It really makes the one or ones we are celebrating feel so loved when they see all their cards up front and center. Clothespins were $2 and the rest (twine and pallet) were from left over supplies.

imageTo add height to the food table, in addition to large wood cuts (homemade so they were free), I also made my own tiered server for $3! Simple glue the bottom of martini glass to the top of one plate and the top of the martini glass to the bottom of another plate. So simple and yet it adds some great height to any table! I got my plates and martini glass from the dollar tree.

11745404_10153505240061672_1268914120188250075_nFor the drink station I used an old spool to display the punch and cups. I found this spool in our church attic. It had been used for electrical cord. I added in a pallet, a circular plastic tablecloth (from dollar tree), a burlap tablecloth (just a yard of burlap from wal mart for $3) and fresh flowers from my friend’s garden to create a whole new station to add to the decor feel.

imageAdd in a few flags and checkered paper from the dollar store and you have a completed Americana themed party. I also purchased plates, forks, cups, serving trays, and napkins from the Dollar Tree which added to my expense list but with what I saved by making all of the party decor I was able to easily get those supplies and still come in under budget.

What do you think? Let me know what ideas you were able to use for your next party and don’t forget to check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. Next up will be a DIY door hanger. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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$20 Fireplace Makeover: How to get a whitewashed look on a fireplace already painted white

20150122_101411Can I just tell you all how much white used to be in our living room/kitchen area? White walls, white shelving, white fireplace, white molding, white doors, white counter tops, and on and on and on. I am so tired of white! But, having just had a baby who was in the hospital for 82 days, we aren’t exactly in a prime position to start house renovations. Perhaps that will come later. In the meantime, for my sanity, I began researching ways to get rid of all this white. My first project (done pre-baby) was to paint the counter tops. You can check out that blog post here. Loved the contrast.

Next, I needed to work on the living room area of this room.


This is our informal, family room that is open with the Kitchen. Lots of lounging and just hanging out happens in this room. So, I wanted a cozy, inviting feel without being too fussy. To do that I knew I wanted to use warm tones such as browns, golds, and maybe add in some grays, but now that we had our sweet baby it had to be a nap time long project. My first item to tackle was the fireplace.


I began researching ideas for the fireplace and dumb luck led me to this idea from Lowes. Could it really look as good as it did in the website pictures? I really had nothing to lose at this point. Worst case scenario, I would just paint it all white again.

Here are my supplies:

2 large O-Cel-O sponges

1 quart Valspar Ultra in Smoked Oyster (#6005-1C)

If you have the original brick fireplace, you will also need supplies to paint your brick white first. See the Lowes link referenced above for that info. My fireplace was already white so I skipped this step.


First, I set to cleaning the fireplace. I grabbed a scrub brush and some warm water. Scrub, scrub, scrub.

Second, I skipped the base coat since my fireplace was already white. If you do need to do the base coat, be sure to talk to your paint person to determine how much paint you need. Brick is porous and can soak a ton of paint into it.

HERE’S A TIP: If you have a fireplace that has already been painted with oil paint or glazed, just sponging with latex paint over that will not be enough to set the latex paint permanently onto the oil or glazed paint. No one really touches our fireplace so I felt fine just painting over the existing oil paint with a latex paint mixed with a primer BUT it would have been a good idea to sand the base coat first, or, better yet, kilz the existing paint on the fireplace before putting the color on to give it something to adhere to. If you scratch hard enough on ours, the paint will come up a bit, but I am okay with just not scrubbing that hard and it still has a good adherence since I bought paint with a primer in it.

I also skipped taping off the edges of the fireplace with painter’s tape. I used latex paint and we have wood floors and wood molding so the key was to just be careful and have a wet rag handy for those times I sponged a little over. Easy to fix if you just wipe it up right away and saves you a ton of time (if you are using Latex). Now, if you are a messy painter, are using oil based, or have carpet, by all means protect your valuables from the paint!

Lastly, I sponged on the paint. I used a large O-Cel-O sponge and a quart can of Valspar Ultra in smoked oyster. Less than $20 in supplies! Honestly, a sample size of the paint mixed with a little water would have been enough but I also have another project in mind for this paint so I went for the quart.

Lowes suggests you cut your sponges to fit exactly to the shapes of the bricks making up your fireplace BUT HERE’S A TIP: Because the mortar in between the bricks making up our fireplace was so much lower than the brick faces (about a 1/2 inch) I did not bother cutting up my sponge to fit the different sizes of the brick. Instead, I just lightly sponged on the bricks with an over-sized sponge but using care not to push so hard on the sponge so as to push the paint on it into the mortar crevices. For the times I did get some into a crevice, I simply wiped down the mortar line with a damp rag until the paint was cleaned up. Time saver!

To paint, pour a small amount of paint into a plastic, flat container. Evenly place your sponge in the paint until the entire bottom side of the sponge is covered. Sponge around on a large piece of cardboard to help spread and even out the paint on your sponge and to get the desired color level you want on your fireplace. If you want a darker look, leave more paint on. If you want a moderate whitewashed look, leave a medium amount of paint. If you want a very whitewashed look, leave just a sparing amount of paint on your sponge. We went for somewhere around medium. Once you get your desired level of color, sponge away on your fireplace. The color will vary, meaning, it will be darker when you first start sponging and lighter right before you need to refill your sponge with more paint. That is what gives this project its realistic look. Feel free to move around and add darker areas once you are done to get a great mix of color and add depth.

Once done, sit back and enjoy! So easy!

I had a recent guest ask if we had scratched the white paint off the fireplace to give it its white washed look. He had no idea it was paint on paint and he was standing just a few feet from it!

HERE’S A TIP: When I first started, I hated the look. But at that point I had committed. As it got closer to being done, I really turned a leaf and fell in love. For some reason when the paint is only on a small section, it really looks sponged (ie: fake) but as you do more it takes on a realistic white washed look. Stick to it and you may be amazed just like I was. SO worth it!

I have a few more plans for the fireplace (painting those bronze doors being first on the list) but for now, I think the cozy feel I was going for has been achieved.

What do you think?


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