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DIY Gold Magnolia Leaf Centerpieces

10991117_10152828422202912_5980700450068655316_nThis post is part two continuing on from the previous blog post regarding easy, trendy, and budget friendly centerpieces. If you missed the first post check it out here. That first post discussed the first of two different centerpieces used to decorate for a Valentine’s Day banquet. The second centerpiece is the one pictured above. It is so easy and budget friendly I had to share. All this centerpiece is is a bouquet of magnolia leaves spray painted gold and displayed in a tall, slender vase.

To make this you will need the following supplies:

1. Four or five stems with 6-8 Magnolia leaves on each stem

2. Gold Spray paint

3. Vase of your choosing

To make this you will need to:

1. Spray paint your Magnolia leaves gold. This will take a few coats of paint to get all the different angles but you may find, as did I, that the gold spray paint dries incredibly quickly so it doesn’t take long.

2. Once paint is dry, make your bouquet by bunching your Magnolia stems together.

3. Secure your bunched stems together with a rubber band or twisty tie.

4. Place your secured stem base into the vase and fidget with the leaves until you have the desired shape and fullness. It really is that simple.

Also, If you want to make the vase that I used then simply buy two vases at the Dollar like this these:

20150122_103510And glue the bottoms together like so:


imageVoila, you have a budget friendly tall and slender vase!

I added in a few vases filled with berries and floating candles as well as berry details around the table, more candles, and more gold magnolia leaves. This whole setting it centered around a gold charger used as the base. All glass was purchased at the Dollar Tree. The Magnolia centerpiece costs around $3 to make. The total table decor (centerpiece, charger, glass candle holders, and candles) costs just under $12 total. Seriously, you can get this same decor for less than $12 a table.

Another thing that I love about these centerpieces and that must be said if you plan to use these for a big event like a wedding is that you can make these Magnolia centerpieces ahead of time. I made mine two weeks before the event and it was still standing tall the night of the banquet. Such a great way to add drama and height to any table for about $3 a piece!

What do you think? And don’t forget to please share what arrangements you come up with! Check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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DIY Floral Ball Centerpiece…$5 and 30 minutes

10649857_10152828422522912_7943226731867637439_nThis centerpiece is so easy and budget friendly I had to share it with you all. I am in the process of working with some talented ladies to decorate for a Valentine’s Day comedy and dinner. This is just one of the great ideas we have come up with so be on the look out for some more blogs regarding DIY centerpieces…all on a budget of course.

This centerpiece is perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays. The list goes on and on. Simply change up the color or the flower for a whole new look!

For this rose centerpiece you will need the following:

1. Three bunches of the flower of your choice (I chose red roses since it is for a Valentine’s Day theme and the roses I chose were from Dollar Tree with 5 flowers on each bunch).

HERE’S A TIP: Use pink roses for a baby girl shower or white roses for a wedding aisle or reception table or even your own home or office.

2. Foam in a globe shape (I used a foam apple from the Dollar Tree since actual foam globes can be pricey)

3. Hot glue gun

4. Vase to hold your arrangement (All the different options I show are from Dollar Tree)

To make this arrangement you need to:

1. Remove the head of all your flowers from the stem.

image2. Find the exact middle of the bottom of your foam globe and poke a hole there using the stem from the bottom of one of your rose bunches like so:

image3. Apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of one of your rose heads and place said rose bottom into the hole you just made like so:

image4. This is the center of your rose globe. The rest is simple. Simply make a circle of rose heads around the rose you just inserted using the same process you used to attach the rose you just inserted like so:

imageimageimageimage5. Continue this process until your foam globe is covered to your liking. For mine, I had a center and two rows around the center before I had the fullness I was looking for. I added in a few leaves to add some green but that is totally up to you.

image6. Place your arrangement in a vase for display. Here are a couple of different ideas I had for how to display your arrangement.

This first vase is made by simply gluing the bottoms of two vases together and adding a sprig of holly berries into the bottom vase.

imageThis second vase is simply a round glass vase with water and a few holly berries added in. I love this one for a home or office use.

imageThis vase is made by gluing the bottom of the round vase used in the second example to the bottom of one of the vases used in the first example.

imageI also added in some candle holders, a gold charger, gold magnolia leaves, and more holly berries to get the total look. I plan to blog about the extras in the coming week along with another DIY and budget friendly centerpiece.

And that is it! Depending on what vase you like, this floral arrangement costs between $5 and $6 to make. You could use this to spruce up the dinner table for Valentine’s Day, decorate a party or baby shower, or even as wedding centerpieces or aisle decor. Perfect for the girl on a budget. The total looks shown here (flowers, vase, candles, candle holders, charger, and gold painted magnolia leaves) costs just under $16 total. Less than $16 a table!

What do you think? As always, please share with us what arrangements you come up with! And check back soon for more centerpiece ideas…on a budget of course. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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Deck the Halls…for a fabulous party! A DIY Wisdom Tree That Adds Something Special For Almost Any Occasion


Whew, what a busy holiday season. On top of the usual decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, cooking, (you get the gist) add on a wedding shower and an engagement party and then you, my friend, are living my past month and a half. What a whirlwind but oh, was it fun. After my long hiatus from the world of blogging, I wanted to come back and share some of the fun and festive ideas from the parties. My first fave is one I used for both the wedding shower and the engagement party. Here it is:


I call it the “Wisdom Tree”. The idea is that guests can write down words of wisdom and well wishes and hang them on a tree for the guest of honor to read and take home at the end of the party. It makes such a sweet and unique gift. This could even work in place of a guest book at a wedding. The options are endless. Here are a few steps to get you started:

First, choose your “Tree”. I chose a Christmas tree to go with the Christmas theme of the wedding shower. Other tree ideas include manzanita branches, a Bonsai tree or a jewelery tree stand.

Secondly, choose your “ornament”. This is what your guests will write their words of wisdom and well wishes on. I chose little paper tags shaped like ornaments. They looked so perfect hanging on the tree.


Thirdly, set out a card letting your guests know what the tree is and how it works. It could be as simple as a few words or a cute little poem. For my theme, I chose to put my simple instructions on a star to sit atop the tree.


Lastly, set out pens for your guests to use.


All done! Such an easy yet meaningful addition to your next party. Let me know all about what fun ideas you add to the “Wisdom Tree.”

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Co-Blog: DIY Wedding Table Markers and Other Paper Project Tips

If you’re interested in DIY wedding, then you’re interested in watching your budget. Details can add the “Ahhh!” effect to a beautiful table setting, but incidentals and paper projects can easily cost from $5 to “much more” per table. That multiplied by the number of tables can really add up. Being thrifty and creative can cut those expenses.

For Heather’s wedding I have some creative details I really want to add, but I don’t want to tie up a lot of money into these projects. Soooo, using swap meets, thrift, discount and dollar stores, coupons, as well as some recycling, I was able to make 13 Table Markers, a couple dozen tags for the Hankie Flowers, Lacy Envelopes for a guest game and a couple dozen more table markers to let the guest know they can eat the candy and play the games. Here is a sampling of my projects:

For the natural brown base in all my projects I used recycled file folders; no cost there. For the Capri blue background I found packages of blue shimmer cardstock for $1.49 each at a discount store; I used 2 packages. For the white Linen printing paper I used an online Staples coupon for $25.00 free merchandise on orders of $100.00; essentially, I got all the paper I need and more for free. The lacy envelopes were made from rectangular paper doilies that I picked up at the Dollar Tree along with three rolls of sheer peach ribbon. Swap Meet and Thrift Store finds included tacky glue for $2.00, mounting tape for .50 cents, lace trims for $3.00, and scrabble tiles for lettering – 3 games for $4.00. Other incidentals needed were: ribbon- $1; glue-dots (needed for the game) $4; and glue-stick $2.

Oh! And I cut out all the shapes with my Cricut machine using their Cricut Craft Room Basic Cartridge which is free online. So here is a summary of my paper product costs:

Brown paper Free
Blue paper $3.21
White paper Free
Dollar Tree $4.31
Thrift/Swap Meet $9.50
Incidentals $7.54
Total Costs $24.56

I also picked up a few used scrabble games from yard sales for a few extra dollars. Here is a pic of all my loot:

Here are a few ideas of what you can do with some paper supplies and scrabble pieces:

I estimate that full retail cost for these projects would be $100 plus; add the cost of a Cricut Cartridge and the cost jumps above $150. My cost was less than $2.00 per table and the effect is…well…Ahhhh!!!

Let me know what great paper projects you come up with!

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Co-Blog: DIY Card Receptacle

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to have the first of hopefully many to come co-blogs with my mom. What a talented mom I have been blessed with! I have been onto her for months to share with you all some of the fantastic DIY wedding ideas she has come up with. Today, she finally sent me her first completed blog post. Today’s blog will show you how to turn any container into a card receptacle by using an old chest my mom found and used for a friend’s upcoming wedding. Simply choose the container that best matches your wedding theme and follow the steps below to create a fantastic DIY Card Receptacle. FYI:

she also created this bird-cage receptacle which I featured on my blog not too long ago: https://trendythrifting.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/antique-birdcage-makes-a-unique-card-holder-instead-of-a-card-box/.

And without further ado, here is my Mom’s first blog:

I love weddings. I love a wedding with a theme. Long story short, when a friend (Heather) asked me to plan her wedding, I was hooked when she told me her theme. Her wedding ceremony will be on the beach, and her reception will take place on a Steam wheeler. Her idea was to use games at the tables to entertain her guests. Since it was such a playful and interactive idea, I suggested using candy jars as center pieces.

I thought “Sweets and Treats by the Sand and Sea” was a catchy phrase to pull it all together.
With her permission I will be featuring different projects that I have crafted for her big day. Heather’s colors are Capri blue with peach accents and a natural tan to compliment.

For my first project I chose a card receptacle. Scouring swap meets, garage sales, and thrift stores, I chose a beautiful chest I found at the swap meet for $20 to compliment her beach and ship venue. The great thing about this DIY is that you can apply these steps and turn almost any container you want into a card receptacle. Here is what the chest that I chose looked like:

To modify the chest into a card receptacle, I did the following:

1. Take inside measurements of your container. Add an inch and a half on the right and the left side. These sides will eventual become fold down flaps. Also, you will need to add a third fold down flap to the front side. This front flap should equal to the length plus the depth of the chest.

2. Draw your measurements onto a sturdy piece of cardboard. It should resemble the shape of a cross like so:

3. Fold down your flaps (writing out the line first will help make a clean fold).

4. Insert card board piece to test the fit. Make any adjustments needed. The piece should be snug, but not too tight. The top should be flush with the chest.

5. Now make the slit for the cards to go through. Use a straight edge to mark the slit. The slit should be about ¾” wide by about 6”-7”. At this point, the chest looked like this:

6. Use a piece of batting, liner in a cool pattern or color or even spray paint to cover the top of the cardboard. If you choose to use liner, be sure to leave a little extra to go over the edges. For my liner, I chose to use a piece of leaf embossed white sheer liner which I had found at a garage sale for $2. I used spray adhesive to attach the liner that I chose in addition to fabric glue around the outside edges.

HERE’S A TIP: To make the corners around the card hole look seemless, cut the center of the slit to about one inch from each end of the slit and cut diagonal to each of the corners. Fold the material through the hole and glue to the back side. I reinforced this edge with a hot glue gun.

7. For the inside top of the chest, measure the dimensions and make a pattern of its shape with tissue paper. Using your tissue pattern, cut the material and lining leaving a ½” edge for overlap. I sewed the lining and material together around the edges and then straight lines vertically (so the material would not sag). Use spray adhesive on the back and fabric glue around the edges to make a secure hold.

8. Trim the edges with ribbon and piping. I used fabric glue for the delicate ribbon and the hot glue gun for the heavier piping. (If you want your chest to close, be careful to keep your trim inside the chest.)

9. I decorated with appliqués, including a place to insert a sign for cards.

10. The final touch was a cross-stitched “Cards”.

Thanks so much mom for blogging with me. Let us know how your card receptacles turn out!

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DIY Wedding Programs…With a Twist

When planning my wedding, I knew I wanted my and my husband’s personalities to be in the details. My mom is a fantastic designer. I simply told her what I wanted and she took it somewhere I couldn’t have imagined. I will be posting some of those details from my wedding in blogs to come in hopes of inspiring some of you for your own upcoming weddings!

For the wedding programs, I knew I wanted something more than a paper folded program. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but again, my goal was to let my personality come out in the details. My mom and I collaberated and came up with the pictures above.

To make: we simply took wood cutouts which we purchased from michaels (Using coupons we got in the mail and our emails) and popsicle sticks. We spray painted the cutouts and sticks with a cream color spray paint and then glued one posicle stick on each side of the wood cutouts. We then printed out a sepia picture of me and my husband in the shape of a heart and our ceremony program and docoupaged them to the wood cutout, picture on the front and program on the back. Add a little ribbon, feathers and bling and tada, you have a low budget program that gives a big impression. We displayed the programs in an old planter that my mom scored from a yard sale for $10. We spray painted the planter to match and had an eye stopping display for minimal cost.

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