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Goodwill Shopping Tips: Back to School Haul Edition

Not all Goodwills are created equal. It’s true. But I can say that, given the chance, Goodwill can almost always deliver. My love for Goodwill has been carried from a poor, border city to a small, southern town to our new home in Scottsdale, AZ (a thrifting mecca) and everywhere I’ve lived in between. So, as back to school gears up and you’re out shopping for those new clothes, I wanted to share some of my favorite Goodwill tips to save beyond the low thrift store prices and examples on the blog today.

1. Color Tags: Some Goodwills offer 50% or even $1 deals on certain color tags. This can vary by day, week, etc. So be sure to ask when you walk in or call if there are any tag deals going on.

2. Coupons: Sign up by email and check your circular for Goodwill coupons. The Goodwills in my area send out 20% off coupons via email weekly (YAY!).

3. Special Days: Some Goodwills have Senior Day, 50% off Saturday, $1 days, etc. Call ahead and see if your Goodwill is running any special days and when and what those days are. The Goodwills in my area are currently running a “Back to School” sale of 25% off!

4. Returns: Did you know you can return items to Goodwill? There are limits so be sure to check with your local goodwill but usually you have 7 days with receipt and tags still attached (2 days for electrical items) and, per Goodwill’s website, you cannot return books, jewelry, watches, records, tapes, CDs, DVDs, furniture, ink, as-is items, and seasonal items.

5. Shop online: Don’t feel like leaving your house? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Intrigued by the idea of online thrift shopping? Try shopping Goodwill online here . I mean, it isn’t the highest tech website but how awesome is it that there is even a Goodwill online???

These are my top money-saving tips that I personally use whenever I buy at Goodwill. If you’d like to see another post on how to generally shop thrift stores then give this blog a like. In the meantime, I have used these tips in my own shopping to score some great deals and want to share just some examples of how these can save you big.

First, I shopped my local Goodwill’s Back to School sale (25% off!) to pick up some great quality clothes that would be super awesome for my little preschooler starting off her first school year EVER (cue tears). Here are my preschooler’s five outfits for just under $16:

Gap Baby pink, linen overalls $2.24; Carters white undershirt $1.49; Baby GAP sweatshirt $2.24; Baby GAP pink corduroys $1.00.

Ralph Lauren dress (new with tags) $4.49; Baby Gap romper $2.24.

I have to point out that this gorgeous dress is handmade! And I scored it for $2.24.

In addition to the back to school sale, here are a few other deals I have scored using these tips. I know I love seeing other people’s hauls and what they were able to find at what price so I hope you enjoy mine as much as I enjoy others!

Both of these dresses pictured above are GAP dresses (with pockets!). I scored them on a 50% off Saturday for $4.99 each!

J. Crew jean dress was a random stop-in purchase for $5.99. GAP maxi dress was a 20% off coupon purchase for $7.99. I must have a thing for pockets because both of these have pockets too!

Monteau top and white COTTON:ON 91 jeans were random stop in purchases for $4.99 for the top (again with side pockets!) and $7.99 for the jeans. These KUT From The Kloth jean shorts were a 20% off coupon purchase for $4.79.

This gorgeous Janie and Jack linen romper was just $2.99! I couldn’t resist it for my little guy. And the tees are Baby Gap and Children’s Place from Goodwill’s Back to School sale for $1.49 each. I just love our little man in a pocket tee.

Do you have a favorite Goodwill purchase? I couldn’t be happier with my little preschooler’s new outfits. I cannot wait to see her in each one. And I have been loving my “new” clothes too… especially the pockets lol.

Any tricks you always use when shopping for back to school clothes on a budget? Please share them in the comments below! If you haven’t already, please subscribe to get all my latest DIY and money-saving ideas. And, if you enjoyed this post, give it a like so I know to share more shopping tips and hauls like these.

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