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DIY Burlap Frame for Under $4

wpid-20150326_102440.jpgY’all (you like that southern slang eh?), anyways, y’all, it is spring! I have been enjoying getting the house decor changed in celebration of spring and summer. Out with winter and in with spring! All the changing over in decor would be the reason for my 2 week absence, but I am back with some budget friendly ideas for getting your own home decor into the spring spirit.

Whenever changing decor up I always like to start with the mantle and let the rest of the room take its cues from there. For this spring I wanted to really brighten up the mantle by adding in some metallics along with soft pinks and peaches. I also wanted to add some rustic elements into the whimsy color pallette to ground it a bit with the rest of the neutrals in the room. To do that I added in some rough wood, burlap, and jute elements. From the need to add in these rustic elements came my super easy and cheap burlap frame and today I want to share that DIY burlap frame with you!

You will need:

1 yard of burlap (or less depending on the size of your frame)

1 foam board (dollar tree has them)

Glue gun

Bread knife


To make it you need to:

1. First, take the picture you want to frame and lay it centered on the foam board as pictured below. My picture was a print out from staples that cost me $4. If you haven’t heard about these prints available at Staples then check out this blog post to get all the information.

2. After you have your picture centered on the foam board, you want to trace the border of the picture onto the foam board as pictured below.

wpid-20150326_110155.jpg3. This line you just traced will be the line you use to create your frame size. Measure on inch below the line all the way around and one inch above the line all the way around and viola, you have a 2 inch thick frame shape to cut out as pictured below. (Note: The picture below wasn’t measured exactly. I went back, measured, and adjusted lines needing it)

wpid-20150326_110326.jpg4. Cut out your frame shape. I like to use a bread knife to do this. Gently cut. You don’t want to bend your frame.

5. Lay out your burlap. Take your cut foam board and lay it on top of your burlap. Then cut approximately 2 inches above and below the frame shape all the way around so it looks similar to the picture below.

wpid-20150324_144504.jpg6. Cut a slit in every corner like the picture below.

wpid-20150324_144552.jpg7. Then begin gluing your burlap to the back of your frame like the pictures below.

wpid-20150324_145330.jpgwpid-20150324_145407.jpg8. Fold your corners like you are gift wrapping and add a dab of glue to hold the corners in place. You want sharp corners.

9. Finally, tape or glue your picture to the back of the frame and voila, you are done.

wpid-20150326_102456.jpgI added my picture and frame to my mantle to give it a bit of a rustic feel without being too rustic. What do you think? What pictures are you re-framing this season? Don’t forget to check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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DIY Canvas Prints: HUGE Impact, low cost

imageSo I was perusing pinterest for some cheap art work ideas when I came across one pin showcasing how to make a DIY canvas look-a-like on the cheap…right up my alley. But the styling was all wrong for my living room. So, I took the tips I read about and added my own style ideas and with some trial and error I came up up with what you see here.


1. Loctite spray adhesive – make sure you pick up the kind made specifically for foam otherwise it will eat the foam. I did some heavy trial and error to find what adhesive would work best and I LOVE this one. I used some of the cheaper brands and found the adhesive bled through the paper. The more adhesives I use the more I come back to this one as my first love. I love it so much here is a picture so you do not miss it:

2. 3/4 x 4 x 8 foam insulation board – you can find it in the insulation section at your hardware store for about $12!

3. VERY sharp razor OR a very nice hardware man

4. 3’x 4′ (36″x48″) engineering print out of your favorite picture from staples.

5. Scotch wall tabs

6. Bread knife (or at least that’s what I use to trim foam lol)

TIP: I was able to save some time and order my print online. It cost about $7 a print for this size but you can go smaller, 2×3 (24″x36″), and get them for only $4 a print – this is the size the pinner had used but I wanted something a bit more in your face so I went BIG. I think it was totally worth the extra cost.

WHAT I DID: I ordered my print the night before. Even though I selected a pick up date two days from the order date, the next morning I got an email saying my print was ready for pick up. Don’t mind if I do. I headed over from work, picked up my print from staples, and then headed over across the street to the local Lowes for the remainder of my supplies. While perusing the aisles for just the right adhesive, I had a nice employee at Lowes cut my foam board into four long pieces so that I had four pieces like this one: I wanted a more modern feel to my pictures which is why I chose this size and shape but your options are pretty much endless with how you can shape the foam board. Also, it just happens that cutting the board at Lowes allowed me to transport the foam home perfectly in the front seat of my car. I began to worry about that when I saw just how big the insulation boards were. If you don’t want to cut the board until you’re home, then make sure you have a BIG car to transport the foam board inside of. You can’t just throw these boards in the back of the truck or you will look in your rear view mirror and find your board flying out.

Once home, I trimmed about 4 inches off the top of each piece with my handy bread knife, laid my print out over the board and played with the print’s positioning until I had it just right. Then, I carefully lifted up about a foot section of the bottom, sprayed adhesive on the board and smoothed the bottom portion back onto the board, applying pressure from the inside out. I then did the same at the top of the print. Make sure you lightly lay the print onto the board with adhesive and smooth it out from middle up and middle out. This will avoid wrinkles and bubbles in your print. Have a bubble or a wrinkle? No problem! The great thing about this adhesive is that you can gently pull the print off of the board and replace it where you want it. No tears. No reapplying adhesive. I LOVE this adhesive! After the front portion is affixed to your foam board just perfectly, flip the board over and use the adhesive to fold your corners over almost like you are wrapping a gift. You want sharp corners like this: I let my boards air out a bit. The adhesive can be a bit overwhelming in small spaces. Once dry, I used Scotch wall tabs, one top middle and one bottom middle of each canvas, to attach them to my wall. Voila! All supplies and printouts cost me just under $50.00 for 4 canvas look-a-likes. Now that is a great savings when compared to your normal canvas pricing!

HERE’S A TIP: to save even more, print out your pictures in the 24″ x 36″ size, pick up a foam poster board from the dollar tree, and done… a canvas print for $5.00!!! Christmas present idea anyone?

Here’s a peek at the smaller faux canvas I made and placed over my work area. Not bad for $5.00!image

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