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Improve Your Curb Appeal for Less


This summer my list of home improvements is long but still reasonable I hope. I really want to work on those little things that are just so hard to get to during the cold, busy months. So, lots of little projects. One of the first projects on my list was to add some curb appeal to our mailbox. Our mailbox isn’t ugly or pretty. Rather, it’s just a regular, plain mailbox. I wanted to add something to our normal, plain mailbox to spice it up. I mean, it is one of the first things people see right?

So, I set off to the store to get some supplies and came away with what I needed to landscape around the mailbox. For about $20 and 45 minutes I had added interest and color to my once old and drab mailbox. Easy curb appeal!

imageThis blog is really more about inspiring you to get out there and pretty up your yard but for those of you who really want to know exactly what I did, here is the tutorial.

What I used:

13 Allegheny Flagstone Retaining Wall Block from Lowes

Four small flowering plants on sale for $1 each at Lowes (I was looking to make this a budget friendly project)


A tool to loosen up the dirt. I just used a barbecue pitchfork tool we had at the house since that was free :).

What I did:

1. First, I cleared out and loosened up all the dirt in about a foot and half radius around the mailbox. I simply stuck my pitchfork into the dirt about 8″ down, turned it, and pulled up. As I did this I also pulled up the existing grass to clear out the area for my new flower bed.

2. Add in some topsoil and mix it with the loosened dirt. I tried to get a half topsoil, half dirt mix.

3. Create your border by laying your blocks around the area you just cleared. To be different I decided to make a circle but you could do a square or triangle. Totally up to you.

4. Create holes in your dirt/topsoil mix wide enough to fit your plants and about half as deep as your plant needs.

5. Remove your plants from their pots, loosen the bottom roots, and place into the hole you have created.

6. Fill up the rest of the planter with the remaining topsoil.

7. Once all plants are “planted” in your bed, fill up any remaining roots with the remaining topsoil.

8. Water your plants to be sure they have enough moisture in their new home.

That’s it. Literally, so easy. Now get out there and add some curb appeal to your mailbox!

What do you think? Let me know how you pretty up your mailbox and don’t forget to check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. Coming soon will be a tutorial on how I made the mailbox hanger shown in the picture above. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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DIY Floral Arrangements

wpid-wp-1428526837384.jpgSo I have to share this while the spring florals are still available at Dollar Tree. These florals are amazingly beautiful for how cheap they are and I don’t want you to miss it! Please forgive this quickly written post. I really, really, really don’t want you to miss out! So, without further ado, here you go.

I originally made these arrangements for a baby shower coming up and loved them (and the price) so much I used them for a missionary luncheon as well as my home! Anyone can add a pop of color to their home or event with these arrangements and bring a little spring inside for a very affordable price (approximately $4-$8 each depending on the amount of blooms and accents you use). Who doesn’t want that?

wpid-20150330_101013.jpgTo make each one you will need:

1 Queen Rose Bouquet in white

1 bunch Peonies in pink (I ended up buying one in a peachy pink and another in a more white and pink ombre coloring but both will work and look great)

1 rose bouquet in a peachy pink

Feel free to pick up any other florals that have a full bloom and go with the color scheme. I added in a few random florals like white and pink Magnolias and fern leaves to add more variety.

I also picked up floral foam and a glass globe shaped vase and a tall, cylinder shaped vase.

To make these you need to:

1. Cut the stem of each floral to the height needed for your arrangement. You will want a shorter stem (3-4 inches) for the globe shaped vase and a longer stem (7-8 inches) for the cylinder shaped vase.

wpid-20150313_173456.jpg2. Cut your foam to fit in your vase and then place your brightest, biggest bloom in the center about an inch or two higher than the top of the vase. How high you place it depends on how full you want your arrangement to be..the taller the bigger and fuller the arrangement will be. I used my peonies to start. I just love them so much!

wpid-20150313_174003.jpg3. Begin to fill in around that center bloom. I go in circles around the bloom until the arrangement is to the fullness I want and then use smaller blooms to fill in any gaps. Feel free to pull and push at the blooms to get a very organic look to your arrangement.  I also added a few bird embellishments to add interest to some of the arrangements.

wpid-20150313_135111.jpg4. I added in burlap strips into the globe vases and glued burlap around the outside of the cylinder vase to cover the floral foam and add texture to the arrangement.

(you can see the fern leaves I used in this first arrangement)


(this is one of the centerpieces we made using the floral arrangements for a missions luncheon)

Just as a heads up, for the arrangements in the globes, I had florals left over from each one so I was able to get a few more from the leftover florals since I wanted a lower arrangement height in those.

HERE’S A TIP: Add even more interest to your vase by spray painting it. I added a few arrangement to various Dollar Tree vases I spray painted gold for a pop of metallic color.

wpid-wp-1428526958393.jpgWhat do you think? Let me know how your arrangements turn out and don’t forget to check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips

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DIY Floral Ball Centerpiece…$5 and 30 minutes

10649857_10152828422522912_7943226731867637439_nThis centerpiece is so easy and budget friendly I had to share it with you all. I am in the process of working with some talented ladies to decorate for a Valentine’s Day comedy and dinner. This is just one of the great ideas we have come up with so be on the look out for some more blogs regarding DIY centerpieces…all on a budget of course.

This centerpiece is perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays. The list goes on and on. Simply change up the color or the flower for a whole new look!

For this rose centerpiece you will need the following:

1. Three bunches of the flower of your choice (I chose red roses since it is for a Valentine’s Day theme and the roses I chose were from Dollar Tree with 5 flowers on each bunch).

HERE’S A TIP: Use pink roses for a baby girl shower or white roses for a wedding aisle or reception table or even your own home or office.

2. Foam in a globe shape (I used a foam apple from the Dollar Tree since actual foam globes can be pricey)

3. Hot glue gun

4. Vase to hold your arrangement (All the different options I show are from Dollar Tree)

To make this arrangement you need to:

1. Remove the head of all your flowers from the stem.

image2. Find the exact middle of the bottom of your foam globe and poke a hole there using the stem from the bottom of one of your rose bunches like so:

image3. Apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of one of your rose heads and place said rose bottom into the hole you just made like so:

image4. This is the center of your rose globe. The rest is simple. Simply make a circle of rose heads around the rose you just inserted using the same process you used to attach the rose you just inserted like so:

imageimageimageimage5. Continue this process until your foam globe is covered to your liking. For mine, I had a center and two rows around the center before I had the fullness I was looking for. I added in a few leaves to add some green but that is totally up to you.

image6. Place your arrangement in a vase for display. Here are a couple of different ideas I had for how to display your arrangement.

This first vase is made by simply gluing the bottoms of two vases together and adding a sprig of holly berries into the bottom vase.

imageThis second vase is simply a round glass vase with water and a few holly berries added in. I love this one for a home or office use.

imageThis vase is made by gluing the bottom of the round vase used in the second example to the bottom of one of the vases used in the first example.

imageI also added in some candle holders, a gold charger, gold magnolia leaves, and more holly berries to get the total look. I plan to blog about the extras in the coming week along with another DIY and budget friendly centerpiece.

And that is it! Depending on what vase you like, this floral arrangement costs between $5 and $6 to make. You could use this to spruce up the dinner table for Valentine’s Day, decorate a party or baby shower, or even as wedding centerpieces or aisle decor. Perfect for the girl on a budget. The total looks shown here (flowers, vase, candles, candle holders, charger, and gold painted magnolia leaves) costs just under $16 total. Less than $16 a table!

What do you think? As always, please share with us what arrangements you come up with! And check back soon for more centerpiece ideas…on a budget of course. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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DIY Flower Box Flower Arrangement: $11 and 20 minutes


I have been loving my front door flower box! It is so whimsical and different from the old wreath. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good wreath but it is nice to break up the monotony every once in a while. If you haven’t seen the “How To” on my blog for the front door flower box, let me make it easy for you: https://trendythrifting.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/diy-front-door-flower-box/. I hate to say you must make one, but I am afraid you will never know how much fun they are if you don’t. The decorating options are endless!

After the ivy I had originally put in my newly made flower box took a hit from some extreme heat we have been having, I decided to go bright and floral. But, with said heat, I didn’t want to throw my money away on something that would whither away and die in a week. That would make me so sad! So, I set out to find some quality looking floral pieces for a bargain. Who wants to spend $12 for one stem?!?! I ended up at Wal Mart to pick up a few other things I needed and decided to peruse their floral aisle. To my surprise, I found some nicer quality floral choices at a pretty good deal of $3 a bunch. I chose 2 bunches of full, white florals for $3 each and chose to fill in the space with color with 3 bunches of $1 yellow florals. I also picked up some $1 bunches of white peonies just in case I wanted to use them but I decided not to use them for this project and save them for a later project I had in mind.


HERE’S A TIP: Choose one large, good quality flower. Spend the extra money on a few bunches of them. Then, fill in the blank space with cheaper bunches that still have a good look to them. This will bring up the quality of your floral arrangement without breaking the bank!

After selecting my florals, I set to work. I removed each individual stem from the bunch. I then bent each floral head forward and took inventory of what I had.


To prepare the box for the flowers, I placed two foam blocks into the floral box to give the flowers something to anchor into. I purchased these from the Dollar Tree. Score! I placed one whole block in and then sliced up the other block to fill in the gaps.


Once the box was ready I started placing the florals into my flower box. Starting from the middle top, I worked out and down to create a pyramid of floral heads. As I went, I would measure the length of the floral stems I would need. I would play with each floral, fitting it here and there, trimming a bit here and there, until finding each floral its permanent home. It’s a work as you go project but still only took me about 20 minutes to do! Here’s a picture of what the back looked like so you get a feel for the pyramid shape:


Work with your florals to make sure there are no blank spaces and the colors are even yet not uniform. You want them to look somewhat natural.


And done! Told you it wouldn’t take long. And aren’t you super excited about your out of the box, unique, whimsical and super trendy DIY arrangement? Just as a heads up, these floral boxes and arrangements make awesome gifts for new home owners. Let me know how much you love your front door floral box and what florals you decide to use in yours!


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DIY Front Door Flower Box


I could start this blog post by telling you all about the busyness of the past few months, explaining my sad lack of blogging but, the truth is, it hasn’t been any busier than normal. Sure, I have tackled some big projects involving some very cool (read: no help from pinterest) DIY ideas, but these time consuming projects involve stage props…not really in line with this blog. So I will spare you the excuses and get to my newest project which is in line with this blog and of which I am so very excited about.

This weekend I was inspired to create something beautiful for my front door. I am in love with the rustic yet romantic interior decorating that is so popular right now (read: Restoration Hardware). Although I do not have a ton of this particular style in my home, I do like to sprinkle it around to add some trendiness to my timeless pieces. My inspiration for this project was a yard of burlap I scored for under $3.00 and this project I stumbled on while reading different blogs a few weekends ago: http://thespacebetweenblog.net/2013/04/08/one-of-the-easiest-pallet-projects-ever/pallet-projects-diy-trough-finished4/

Here’s what I came up with:


Here’s what you need:

Distressed wood
Miter saw (or hand saw but it takes some elbow grease)
Silver, flat head nails about 1/2″ long
Hot glue gun and glue
Flowers or greenery

Here’s what you do:

So, using the basic box discussed in the blog post above, I set out to find myself a pallet. A friendly worker at a local home improvement store was more than happy to let us have an old, broken pallet from the back. Most home improvement usually donate their pallets but if it’s in bad enough shape, you may be able to score your own pallet for free as well! I grabbed my pallet, the rest of my supplies, loaded them up and headed home.

The first step is to tear apart the pallet. Using the hammer, a friend and I got to work. We found that hitting the back of the piece of wood we were trying to loosen right near where it was nailed to the pallet worked best. That loosened the wood from the pallet just enough for us to stick the back of the hammer head into the gap we just created and use it like a crow bar to remove the wood the remainder of the way from the pallet. It sounds simple enough but this was the hardest part of the whole project so be prepared.

If you crack a board or two, no worries. I personally think the crack gives the box even more character.

After removing the boards from the pallet, make your measurements. Each box will need 3 12″ pieces and 2 about 3″ pieces. The 2 3″ pieces will be your end pieces and the exact width you need will vary on the width of the wood you use for the base of your trough, so make sure you keep that in mind and measure those last to make sure they are the exact size you need.


After you have your measurements marked, cut the wood where marked. I wasn’t too worried about perfect cuts since the imperfection of the look is what I was going for.


After your pieces are cut, you have the option of sanding the pieces. Your choice, but I opted not to. It was too hot and I was too lazy. After sanding (should you choose to do so) you’re ready to nail your trough together. Lay one 12″ board flat on the ground. Line up another 12″ board, sitting up along the long side of the laying board. Line up the remaining 12″ board standing up along the other side of the laying board. At this point, it should look like a U. Nail the pieces together to hold them into the shape you just made. Lastly, add the 3″ pieces to each short side of the U to close it off. Nail in the short pieces and your trough is done.



Now, we begin the decorating part. Make two 48″ long strips and about 3″ wide each of the burlap.


Lay one strip out and put the other aside for now. Place the bottom of your trough directly in the middle of the strip you have laid out. Once it is centered, Apply a small amount of hot glue to the bottom of your trough to hold the burlap on the box.


Apply a small amount of glue to each side of the trough to hold the burlap up the sides.


Tie the top as shown in the picture above, tying it about 3″ down from the end. Next, grab the second strip of burlap you previously laid aside. Out of this strip you will make your bow. Tie your bow, leaving a long amount of the burlap in the tails of the bow like so:


Apply glue to the middle back of the bow and attach the bow right over the knot you previously tied for the previous strip of burlap.



I added some ivy I got on super sale to my trough, leaving it in the plastic containers they came in so that they can retain more water. But, the beauty of this trough is that you can use it for just about anything. Hang your trough on your door or on a wall or set it out on a table or the floor, use it in your bathroom or laundry room. This is such a versatile piece which makes it the perfect, easy, DIY weekend project.

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DIY Flower Canvas

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. 1 6×6 stretch canvas. I picked up the ones I used at Wal Mart:
2. Spray paint in your grad’s college colors. Here’s the kind I used:
3. Hot glue gun and glue
4. 6 sheets of felt
5. Ribbon or twine if you want to hang the canvas

Here’s what I did:

1. Spray the canvas with two coats of paint, waiting about 2 hours for each coat to dry.

2. While waiting for the canvas to dry, start making your flower.

3. To do that you need to cut out 12 pieces (don’t worry if they aren’t perfect) of felt from each of these shapes:

4. On the bottom stem of each felt piece, apply a small amount of glue and pinch the two ends of the bottom of each petal together so each petal cups.

5. Cut out a 2″ wide circle from remaining felt (or even a thick paper will do)

6. Glue the largest petals around the outside of the circle. Make sure each petal barely touches the petal next to it at its widest point.

7. Move into the circle about 1/4″ and, using the large petals again, glue each petal in between each set of the outer petals.

8. Move in another 1/4″ and, using the middle sized petals, glue each petals in between each set of the previous larger petals.

9. Move in another 1/4″ and, using the smaller petals, glue each petal in between each set of middle sized petals.

10. Add two final small petals to the middle

11. Complete by adding a button or circle of twine to the center of your flower.

12. If you want to cavas to hang by ribbon or twine, measure out two 10 inch pieces of ribbon/twine. Add a dallop of glue to each top corner on the back of the canvas and attached one end of each piece of the ribbon/twine. Once dry, tie the ribbon/twine at the top and hang your canvas.

Takes about an hour and makes such a fun piece for a soon to be graduate. Let me know your DIY gifting ideas!

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DIY Graduation Gifts

Two girls who are very special to me are seniors in high school this year. Boy did we go through some ups and downs together as the girls worried about sports, school and, most of all, college. Needless to say, where these girls will each go on to study is something that is special to me and my memories with them. To commemorate each girl’s decision, I wanted to make each a very special gift in the colors of their soon to be schools. Nothing like a little school spirit right? I knew immediately that I wanted to make them something for their dorm. Who doesn’t remember how fun it was to decorate your “own” dorm for the first time? So, I set off to find some inspiration. Like any good DIY girl, I hit up pinterest first. That’s where I found a link to make felt flowers that that particular DIY diva had attached to an old pillow. Well, sadly I was unable to find any pillows in the right colors so I got creative. I decided to take the felt flower idea in a new direction. I made each girl two wall decorations, one with their first name initial and the other a 3D felt flower. Here’s how one set turned out:

For the flower canvas, go here: https://trendythrifting.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/diy-flower-canvas/

For the monogrammed canvas, go here: https://trendythrifting.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/diy-monogrammed-canvas/

For how I wrapped them, go here: https://trendythrifting.wordpress.com/2012/06/03/presentation-presentation-presentation/

The girls loved them and needless to say, the felt flower canvas was the biggest hit. What a great way to show your graduate how excited you are for their future and how much they mean to you all at the same time. Here’s to a happy graduation to all those graduates out there! Let me know how your DIY graduate gifts turn out.

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Paper Pom Pom: Gift Wrapping Bow

Everyone has seen the large DIY pom poms at a wedding or party. I myself have made these larger pom poms before for many a party. But today, for the first time (maybe I’m a little behind), I saw the mini version for sale at a local store and advertised as gift bows. HOW CUTE! Even better, these “bows” are made the same way as the larger pom poms all over the internet…meaning these “bows” are DIY! I came home and set to work creating my own pom pom “bows.” I quickly found out how useful these little “bows” can be. They add a fun element to any gift. For example, I bought a friend a gift from one of her favorite stores. I love the store’s bag but felt that it was too simple for a gift. After all, I am all about the presentation. After making a mini pom pom and attaching the pom pom to the handle of the bag, I was so excited. Viola! A trendy bag perfect for gift giving.

I also needed to wrap a gift in a shoe size box. My husband had a shoe box that was the perfect size but there was only one problem, I had run out of wrapping paper and there was a Nike symbol right on top of the box…not the kind of wrapping I am super proud of. But by simply adding some twine and a pom pom, you would never guess the box was an old Nike shoe box.


1. Take one sheet of tissue paper and cut it into three strips.

2. Then cut each of the three strips in half so you have six somewhat rectangular shaped pieces of tissue. Don’t worry if they aren’t all the same size.

3. Then stack the six pieces on top of each other. Try to get their sides to match up as best they can.

4. Then take the shorter end and begin to fold the group of tissue as if you were making a fan.
5. Once done folding the pieces all the way, tie the middle with a piece of string.

6. Once tied, cut off both sides, making a rounded corner.

7. Then begin to pull each piece toward the center string, fluffing each piece as you go.

8. Once each individual piece has been pulled and fluffed you should have your own mini Pom Pom!

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