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Americana Themed Party Decor on a Budget

11722120_10153505240071672_3090114973966614293_oY’all…you like that southern slang right? But seriously, I am inspired by some dear, southern friends today on the blog. I recently had the opportunity to decorate for a one year anniversary celebration of the youth leader and his wife at our church. Not only was I excited to celebrate all they had done at the church, but I was also excited to celebrate them becoming our good friends over the past year. Now, these two are Georgia peaches so I definitely wanted the party to have a Georgia country vibe. I took that into an Americana feel (I mean I was still feeling very patriotic after the Fourth of July) and ran with it. I had a budget of $100 and a lot of ideas running through my head. I can’t wait to share what I came up with you!

Without further ado, here is what I hope you can use as inspiration for an Americana themed party complete with DIY “how to”s and money saving tips for your own party no matter the decor you decide on.

imageFirst, I started by creating a ton of rag garlands in our party colors. I used some affordable material in our red, white, and blue color scheme to create my own DIY, budget friendly, country rag garlands. It cost me about $18 to make them all.

To make the garland, I purchased one yard of four different patterns (about $16). I then cut my material into one inch strips. Taking each strip, I folded each one in half with the pattern facing me and placed the folded edge about 2 inches above a long piece of twine (from Dollar Tree) like so: image Be sure the twine is the length you want your garland to be. Then I simply wrapped the two loose ends of my folded, one inch strip around the back of the twine and through the folded edge above the twine like so:

imageimageimagePull from the bottom of the strip to tighten and start with your next strip. I bunched some strips really close together on some garland strands and left them about 6 inches apart on others to give the different garland strands some variety. I hung some on borrowed pallets (donated to our youth group for free by a local home improvement store) and others above the food tables to add a real country, summer feel.

11264855_10153505240066672_2074573162746211750_nNext, I made banners with words on them by cutting small triangles out of material, using paint and stencils (you can use whatever you please to match your party) to add the letters, and gluing those triangles onto twine (again from the dollar tree). So easy! I splurged on this material because I loved the striped pattern. All in all, it cost about $14 to make all my word banners but you could easily do it for about $5.


imageI used plastic table clothes (from the Dollar Tree) covered by a thin, natural linen material (from Wal Mart for $2 a yard). I love cloth tablecloths but needed the ones for this party to feel more rustic. The natural linen was perfect and so affordable! I added two rolls of burlap about 4″ wide purchased from the Dollar Tree down the center as a runner, fresh flowers from a friend’s garden in mason jars (from Dollar Tree and old ones I already had), and some homemade wood cuts to finish off that rustic feel. Cost me about $24 for two food tables, a cake table, and a punch station.

imageFor the card area I hung twine from a pallet and added clothespins to hang all the cards from. I love displaying cards like this. It really makes the one or ones we are celebrating feel so loved when they see all their cards up front and center. Clothespins were $2 and the rest (twine and pallet) were from left over supplies.

imageTo add height to the food table, in addition to large wood cuts (homemade so they were free), I also made my own tiered server for $3! Simple glue the bottom of martini glass to the top of one plate and the top of the martini glass to the bottom of another plate. So simple and yet it adds some great height to any table! I got my plates and martini glass from the dollar tree.

11745404_10153505240061672_1268914120188250075_nFor the drink station I used an old spool to display the punch and cups. I found this spool in our church attic. It had been used for electrical cord. I added in a pallet, a circular plastic tablecloth (from dollar tree), a burlap tablecloth (just a yard of burlap from wal mart for $3) and fresh flowers from my friend’s garden to create a whole new station to add to the decor feel.

imageAdd in a few flags and checkered paper from the dollar store and you have a completed Americana themed party. I also purchased plates, forks, cups, serving trays, and napkins from the Dollar Tree which added to my expense list but with what I saved by making all of the party decor I was able to easily get those supplies and still come in under budget.

What do you think? Let me know what ideas you were able to use for your next party and don’t forget to check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. Next up will be a DIY door hanger. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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Improve Your Curb Appeal for Less


This summer my list of home improvements is long but still reasonable I hope. I really want to work on those little things that are just so hard to get to during the cold, busy months. So, lots of little projects. One of the first projects on my list was to add some curb appeal to our mailbox. Our mailbox isn’t ugly or pretty. Rather, it’s just a regular, plain mailbox. I wanted to add something to our normal, plain mailbox to spice it up. I mean, it is one of the first things people see right?

So, I set off to the store to get some supplies and came away with what I needed to landscape around the mailbox. For about $20 and 45 minutes I had added interest and color to my once old and drab mailbox. Easy curb appeal!

imageThis blog is really more about inspiring you to get out there and pretty up your yard but for those of you who really want to know exactly what I did, here is the tutorial.

What I used:

13 Allegheny Flagstone Retaining Wall Block from Lowes

Four small flowering plants on sale for $1 each at Lowes (I was looking to make this a budget friendly project)


A tool to loosen up the dirt. I just used a barbecue pitchfork tool we had at the house since that was free :).

What I did:

1. First, I cleared out and loosened up all the dirt in about a foot and half radius around the mailbox. I simply stuck my pitchfork into the dirt about 8″ down, turned it, and pulled up. As I did this I also pulled up the existing grass to clear out the area for my new flower bed.

2. Add in some topsoil and mix it with the loosened dirt. I tried to get a half topsoil, half dirt mix.

3. Create your border by laying your blocks around the area you just cleared. To be different I decided to make a circle but you could do a square or triangle. Totally up to you.

4. Create holes in your dirt/topsoil mix wide enough to fit your plants and about half as deep as your plant needs.

5. Remove your plants from their pots, loosen the bottom roots, and place into the hole you have created.

6. Fill up the rest of the planter with the remaining topsoil.

7. Once all plants are “planted” in your bed, fill up any remaining roots with the remaining topsoil.

8. Water your plants to be sure they have enough moisture in their new home.

That’s it. Literally, so easy. Now get out there and add some curb appeal to your mailbox!

What do you think? Let me know how you pretty up your mailbox and don’t forget to check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. Coming soon will be a tutorial on how I made the mailbox hanger shown in the picture above. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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Wreath Giveaway!


In honor of my brand new facebook page and etsy shop I am going to be giving a wreath away over on my facebook page! Just go to my facebook page here and like the page. Instructions for the giveaway will be posted tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, here are some of the potential giveaways:

1382437_492738620876248_5141250097226421133_n 10922422_492731817543595_9149431626857439679_n 11196309_492735647543212_5793348564850661679_n 11206123_492732514210192_2470323877231813876_n

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Add a metallic accent to any room with this quick, easy, and budget friendly DIY idea

wpid-20150330_101013.jpgOur family room has been 50 shades of brown since we moved in. All of our lounge furniture and decor just somehow ended up being brown, beige, greige, or white. All of it.

In an effort to get the room redecorated in time for spring, I decided to work on adding in some color and texture…on a budget of course. Some of the textural ideas I had I already blogged about, like my $2 DIY jute bowl or my easy burlap frame. Once I got some texture into the room I turned my eye towards pops of color.

The idea I am blogging about today came to me out of a desperate need for metallic accents. One way to add texture and color is to use metallics. But how could I do it on a budget? Reusing what I already had was one way to save money. Our family room already had a lot of glass from old candles that had long since been used up and old dollar tree glass and knick knack items that could really use an upgrade. So I had a lot of stuff I could re-purpose but I also needed to do it quickly (I have a toddler so nap time is about my average project duration these days). Spray paint was the clear answer. That seems to be my go to whenever I need a color quick and am on a tight budget. You already saw how I was able to transform some old Dollar Tree frames into Lilly Pulitzer inspired frames in this post so my love for spray paint comes as no surprise. But that being said I wanted to share what all I was able to transform with a $4 can of spray paint

You will need:

Old trinkets and glass containers (try dollar tree if you don’t already have these).

Gold spray paint (or color of your choice)

You need to:

1. Spray anything you want gold. Obvious right?

Really, this blog is to give you ideas and inspiration based off of what I was able to transform. So, here are some of my ideas on what you can paint to give your decor a little face lift.

1. Old candle jars. Spray paint them and display them empty or place an arrangement inside. No need to take the candle out unless you want to. I just placed the floral arrangement right on top of the old candle.


2. Glass vases. Again, some of these I displayed alone and others I added flowers to. For this first one I wanted an ombre type look. To achieve that I began by spraying about 6 inches from the glass and moved further out from the glass as I sprayed in upward motions.


3. Wood letters. This W was $1.49 at a craft store. A little paint and it takes on a whole new look.


4. Knick knacks. I got these from yard sales or thrift stores. I always keep my eye out for fun shapes that would look great with a new coat of paint. To get the two toned leaf pictured below I simply places it upside down and sprayed only the bottom portions of it. I like the surprise gold you get along the edges of the leaf.



I even spray painted a trash can from the Dollar Tree!

wpid-wp-1428521314383.jpgWhat do you think? Let me know how your accent pieces turn out and don’t forget to check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. I will be sharing how to make the floral arrangements pictured in this post from Dollar Tree florals soon. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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DIY Jute Bowl for $2

wpid-wp-1427387601614.jpgA few weeks ago Brooke from WhatsupMoms posted a DIY video showing little easter eggs made out of embroidery thread. How cute! (Side note: I will post the video at the end of this post so you can enjoy it as well). I was immediately inspired to create something of my own. So, using the tips Brooke shared in the video and additional tips commenters gave in the comments, I decided to try to make a bowl instead of eggs and I decided to make it out of some left over jute I had instead of string. I just love how it turned out! And even better it cost $2 to make.

To make this you will need:

Small bottle of modge podge. (Dollar tree and dollar section at target both sell these tiny bottles that are PERFECT!)

Roll of jute twine (again, dollar tree has this)

Saran wrap

Old newspaper

Bowl to use to shape your jute bowl

Bowl to mix your modge podge with


To make this you will need to:

1. Mix the small bottle of modge podge with the same amount of water. I just emptied the bottle into a bowl, filled the bottle back up with water, added that to the bowl, and mixed well.

2. Add your jute twine to the modge podge mixture and let it soak for about 10 minutes. I unrolled my jute and added it layer by layer in a circle until about a third of the roll was in. I had to press on it to be sure it was all covered in the modge podge mix. using only a third of the roll ended up being plenty of jute for my bowl and kept me from getting tangles while trying to wrap my bowl.

wpid-20150324_124214.jpg3. While your jute soaks, cover the bowl you want to use to shape your jute thoroughly with saran wrap and flip it upside down on some newspaper. It’s about to get messy.

wpid-20150324_124642.jpg4. Now you can begin wrapping your bowl with the jute. Find the end piece of the jute and place it on the bottom of your bowl. Begin swirling the jute around the bowl in loop like motions being sure that the bowl is covered evenly on all sides. Just go with however the jute wants. It feels messy and at times seems like it wont work but it does. Perfection is not your friend here.


wpid-wp-1427387662760.jpgHERE’S A TIP: you could wrap the jute around the bowl instead of swirling it to create a different look.

5. Once you have your desired coverage, snip the jute you used from the remainder and tuck the end piece away. This is totally up to your discretion and taste preference as to how much jute you want to use to make your bowl.

6. Wait, wait wait. It took mine over 24 hours to dry completely and I had my doubts at first if it would work but it did! I ended up putting mine outside on a warmer day and that helped.

7. Once your jute bowl is dried, remove it slowly and carefully. The saran wrap will still be attached to your jute bowl and that’s okay. I found sticking a butter knife between the bottom bowl and saran wrap helped loosen it up. You can remove the saran wrap once you have the jute bowl removed from the bottom bowl.

8. Clean off the excess modge podge. There will probably be some left over modge podge dried between the different strings. Just clean that excess, dried up modge podge off a bit to give it a cleaner look.

9. Add in your decor items and place your bowl wherever you like. I added in a random, old light bulb, some leftover decor balls I had, and pine cones. Free is best right?

wpid-20150326_102306.jpgwpid-wp-1427380139072.jpgThat is it. So simple right?

What do you think? Let me know how your bowl turns out and don’t forget to check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

And, as promised, here is the video. Enjoy!

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How to get 4x more out of your non-toxic liquid soaps

wpid-20150310_131502.jpgI love knowing that the products I am using for my family are non-toxic. I somehow get a weird sense of satisfaction when I see a non-toxic product being used by my husband or baby. Are you tracking with me or am I completely in left field here? Well, either way, in order for our family to use non-toxic products I have to find ways to make using them affordable. We have a set budget. Those numbers don’t change based on what an item costs or what is good for us. So, I have to find ways to make what I want most fit in the budget. This is why I am so excited to share this super easy tip with you today.

I know most of us have probably seen how to refill old, empty, foam soap dispensers so this idea is not my own, original idea. Although I have seen the idea a few times, I originally saw the idea on this blog. But I have not seen this tip being used by anyone to make non-toxic, liquid soaps more affordable and therefore useable by more people. By using this tip I was able to get my non-toxic, more expensive soaps down to a reasonable cost that fit within our already existing budget and hopefully this tip can help you do the same!

Here is what you will need:

1. Your liquid soap of choice

2. A foaming soap dispenser. You can recycle an old one or find some really cute options here.

3. Water

Once you have all your supplies, you need to:

1. Fill up your foaming soap dispenser 1/4 of the way with your preferred soap.

2. Fill the remainder of the dispenser with water.

3. Shake well.

4. Start using it!

It really is that simple! Here are few examples of soaps I have been able to make last 4x longer on average and the recycled foaming dispenser I use to keep the soap coming.

Using Babyganics bubble bath as a shampoo/body wash in an old babyganics shampoo + body wash foaming dispenser

wpid-20150310_113921.jpgUsing Seventh Generation hand wash in an old Target foaming hand soap dispenser.

wpid-20150310_114040.jpgUsing J.R. Watkins dish soap in an old Babyganics dish soap dispenser.

wpid-20150310_114236.jpgIt really is that simple. If you aren’t doing this yet this can be life changing for your monthly budget.

HERE’S A TIP: In some cases I will label the bottom of the dispenser so I can remember which one is hand soap and which one is baby body wash depending on how clear the actual dispenser is. This prevents you from using harsh dish soap on your baby and risking getting it into baby’s eyes.

What do you think? What liquid soaps have you been able to stretch using this method? Don’t forget to check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

DIY Faux Bird’s Nest…perfect for your home decor or next party theme.

wpid-wp-1424986403666.jpgI am in the process of helping create some “woodsy” decor for an upcoming baby shower. One of the projects on my “to do” list was create a bird’s nest out of some supplies supplied to me by my MIL. I managed to come up with a rather quick and easy way to create a bird’s nest on a budget and wanted to share that DIY with you today.

To get started you will need:

1. A foam wreath 7.8in wide x 1.9in.

2. Spanish Moss

3. Natural Moss or preserved moss and/or leaves

4. Hot glue gun with glue

5. Small paper plate (big enough to cover the hole in your foam wreath but not bigger than your foam wreath).

6. Decor for your nest. I used a bird, eggs, and burlap flower.

To make your wreath, you will need to:

1. Cut your foam wreath down the middle. You want it to be about 1 inch tall when laying flat. Cutting the foam was a slow process for me. The foam is very delicate and breaks easily. The key is go slow and apply as little pressure as possible.


wpid-wp-1424986425700.jpg2. Next, you want to carefully stretch out your Spanish moss to make a moderately thick rope about the length it would take to go around your wreath. You can make one long rope or two or three shorter ropes. I made three shorter ropes like the one pictured. I found that easier to glue on that one big rope.

wpid-wp-1424986468222.jpg3. Glue your moss rope(s) directly onto the smooth side of your wreath (so the cut side  becomes the bottom of your nest). Generously drizzle glue on the top of the wreath and push and hold your moss rope onto the wreath over the glue. Don’t get stuck trying to make it perfect. As long as it sticks that’s all that matters. Once glue has dried, pull at your moss to get it to fold over the outer edges and attach around the outer edges with a dallop of glue as well. don’t worry about the inside just yet. We will get to that.

Here’s a picture of the moss glued to the top:

wpid-wp-1424986501777.jpgHere’s a picture of the moss being stretched and glued to the outer sides:

wpid-wp-1424986535495.jpg4. Now fill in those areas needing more coverage using your filler moss which can be anything from the left over spanish moss scraps to natural moss, preserved moss, and/or preserved leaves. I mixed a few of these together to get my filler moss. Just dallop some glue on the bare area on the wreath and push on a pinch of the filler moss. Using different moss in different colors adds texture and interest to your nest and really gives it a real life look. Here’s a picture of my spanish moss scraps mixed with my greener preserved moss.


wpid-20150226_124122.jpg5. Now we finish off the inside of the nest. Glue the bottom of your paper plate to the bottom of the nest. This allows you to apply a bit more of the spanish moss, natural moss, preserved moss/leaves to the center of the wreath, fill it in, and complete that real nest look.

Here’s a picture of the plate attached to the bottom of the nest:

wpid-20150226_124103.jpgAnd here’s a picture of me filling in the center of the top of the nest after the plate had been attached to the bottom:

wpid-wp-1424987290217.jpg6. Now it is time to add your wreath decor. For mine, I attached a bird, eggs, and a little burlap flower, but your options are endless. You could put some simple robin blue eggs for a country chic look or even use foil covered eggs to hold your candy during the Easter season. Let your imagination run wild and personal preferences play into this.

wpid-20150226_123744.jpgWhat do you think? Don’t forget to share what ideas you come up with to decorate your own DIY nest. Check back soon for more DIY ideas…on a budget of course. And, as always, if you enjoy what you are reading then feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

And here are a few pics of how the nests were used at the recent baby shower. It’s a girl!

20150228_122225 20150228_122631

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Trendy Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Girl on a Budget


Y’all, I am determined to be on top of it this year. Last year I literally had a box of Christmas decorations in the middle of my living room that sat there until Christmas Eve. I wrapped my gifts we were opening Christmas Eve ON CHRISTMAS EVE. It was a hot mess. This year I was determined to get ahead so I could actually enjoy the celebrations. Decorations are up, gifts are purchased, AND gifts are wrapped.

Since I actually got the wrapping done ahead of time I wanted to share some trendy yet easy and budget friendly ways to wrap your gifts this Christmas.

This year my inspiration was the Target dollar section. Wrapping Paper and chalkboard labels were a dollar each at Target. I picked up a huge roll of red ribbon on clearance for $4 from Wal Mart and a bag of bows from the Dollar Tree. I also picked up some cute, wooden ornaments from AC Moore at 50% off for a total of $1 each. You will notice I used the ornaments on some gifts and not on others. I gathered my supplies and set to work.







I added on bows and chalkboard labels to all the gifts and embellished some of them with the wooden ornaments. I also just used initials instead of names on the labels. I think it makes a fun detail.

What do you think? Worth the effort or pay someone else to wrap it all next year? Let me know what ideas you come up with for your gift wrapping in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check back next week for Baby C’s party details and al the fun party DIYs  I have been working on!

If you enjoy what you are reading, feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

I leave you with this awesome video from the WhatsUpMoms YouTube channel for additional fun DIY wrapping ideas. Check it out!

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Baby C’s First Birthday…A Sneak Peek!

Y’all, please forgive my absence. I have been working on baby C’s first birthday party coming up in a week. That being said, there are plenty of fun DIY tutorials coming out of this party to share with you all so the absence is worth it! In the meantime  want to give you a sneak peek into the theme and see if you can guess what the theme is.

I am just loving all the DIY details. I can’t wait to share them all with you! So without further ado, here is a sneak peek into some of the décor I have been working on. Can you guess the theme?



Christmas Season is Here…Let the Decorating Begin!


It’s Christmas time! Pull out the decor, turn on the music, and let the smell of brewing apple cider fill the house! It’s time to turn our attention to celebrating Christmas!

If I’m honest, I decorated our fireplace the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I know. I know. All the “anti-Christmas before Thanksgiving” people are hissing but don’t stone me. Not yet. I have good reason. I promise. Primarily, Thanksgiving is not at our house this year and we have a first birthday for Baby C to plan. Hopefully you can look past my transgression and enjoy this post anyway.

This year’s theme for Christmas decor is “Christmas on a budget.” I enjoy giving myself a budget and seeing what I can do with it. This year I limited myself to $50 for interior decorations. It’s not a huge amount but it is workable. With that budget, I knew a few things: 1. I would need to repurpose existing decor items; 2. I would need to make some things (DIY projects); 3. Most everything I bought new would need to be at least half off; and 4. In order to get big bang for my buck I would need to cluster the majority of my seasonal decor in one area.

I want to focus on the clustering point for just a moment. Clustering your decor in one main area gives you that wow factor and a focal point. You get a big christmas feel for less money. Perfect for the girl on a budget. For me, I chose the fireplace and set out to dress it up.

Most everything I used was bought on sale, a DIY, or from a past after Christmas sale.  I will go through the decor in smaller, workable groups so you can get ideas for your own decor!

First, we have garland and scented pine cones bought after last Christmas for 50% off at Big Lots. I added that along the fireplace mantle first.

I also made some of those cool mason jar snow globes for the mantle as well. If you haven’t seen what I am talking about check out this tutorial. What did I do differently? Well, I used a glue gun instead of glue dots and some faux snow instead of epsom salt but that’s about it. I love using the fake snow rather than salt because the faux snow sticks to the sides of the jars and gives it more of a “snowy” feel rather than using the salt. Best of all about this entire mason jar project, NO WATER NEEDED. I love that. Means they will last so much longer. A seriously easy and affordable DIY project.

The chalkboard was a DIY from long ago. I use this year round and LOVE it. Interested in making your own? Check out that post here.

imageMoving along, we have a wreath purchased at AC Moore at a 3 for $10 deal. A chalkboard purchased at AC Moore for $1. (Yes, only ONE DOLLAR). I also added a wooden JOY sign purchased from target’s dollar section for $3.00. I added some color to the wreath by using some left over poinsettia’s I picked up from the Dollar Tree for another project. I also added in some candle sticks, 2 for $1, purchased from the Dollar Tree last season as well and also added in more of those scented pine cones.

imageThese wood cut outs may be my favorite part. I LOVE the funky wood cut out shape of these trees. LOVE. Got them for half off at AC Moore, totaling $5.00 each. Again, I also added in a few of those cute mason jar snow globes and topped it all off with an adorable red lantern I picked up at AC Moore for $2.00 and more of those scented pine cones.


I also made my own stocking holders by purchasing cheap stocking holder bases from the Dollar tree and gluing on one of those mason jar snow globes onto each. Pretty much love these.

imageMoving on to below the mantle. I added in some yard sale finds from last summer and also re-purposed my basket and blanket that were already by the fireplace by adding in my “Joy” and “Ho Ho Ho” burlap pillows picked up at Target last year for $0.90 each. The pillows were originally $3.00 and were 70% off after Christmas.

imageimageAnd lastly, the tree! This tree was a $10 after Christmas purchase from two years ago. It looks pretty sad just standing alone but when you add in the ornaments, lights, pine cones, holly, and red bows it really looks awesome for a $10 tree! For this year’s tree I wanted to go along with the woodsy theme so I used white, black and silver ornaments. I got all these ornaments for 70% off at Wal Mart’s after Christmas sale two year’s ago. They are plastic and I LOVE that. No mess when one falls. No mess when my puppy nabs one and runs with it. I added in holly leaves left over from my poinsettia flowers from the Dollar Tree to help the tree look fuller. I also helped fill in gaps with my left over, scented pine cones. Lastly, I added in the bows to give the tree a pop of color and topped it all off with my star, purchased at Wal Mart for 70% off two season’s ago. I also added another $1 chalkboard from AC Moore to write the year on it and put it on the tree. This way every Christmas picture in front of the tree has the year on it.

imageI actually just added lights to it yesterday and used two strands of 100 white lights picked up from Lowes for $1.99 each, regularly $2.99 each.

Stockings were after Christmas finds as well with the exception of Baby C’s. Her’s was picked up at Dollar Tree and I thought it so fit the woodsy theme.

imageLastly, I added in some Christmas cheer with left over items all over the book shelves. Here are some ideas on how to spice up what you already have.

imageimageimageimageUsing what I already had, I spent about $35 additional dollars to get this look. What do you think? Worth the money saved or go all out for Christmas next year? Let me know what ideas you come up with for your decor in the comments below.

Working on my porch this week and I can’t wait to share with you all my budget friendly ideas. Don’t forget to check back next week! If you enjoy what you are reading, feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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