Trendy Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Girl on a Budget


Y’all, I am determined to be on top of it this year. Last year I literally had a box of Christmas decorations in the middle of my living room that sat there until Christmas Eve. I wrapped my gifts we were opening Christmas Eve ON CHRISTMAS EVE. It was a hot mess. This year I was determined to get ahead so I could actually enjoy the celebrations. Decorations are up, gifts are purchased, AND gifts are wrapped.

Since I actually got the wrapping done ahead of time I wanted to share some trendy yet easy and budget friendly ways to wrap your gifts this Christmas.

This year my inspiration was the Target dollar section. Wrapping Paper and chalkboard labels were a dollar each at Target. I picked up a huge roll of red ribbon on clearance for $4 from Wal Mart and a bag of bows from the Dollar Tree. I also picked up some cute, wooden ornaments from AC Moore at 50% off for a total of $1 each. You will notice I used the ornaments on some gifts and not on others. I gathered my supplies and set to work.







I added on bows and chalkboard labels to all the gifts and embellished some of them with the wooden ornaments. I also just used initials instead of names on the labels. I think it makes a fun detail.

What do you think? Worth the effort or pay someone else to wrap it all next year? Let me know what ideas you come up with for your gift wrapping in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to check back next week for Baby C’s party details and al the fun party DIYs  I have been working on!

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I leave you with this awesome video from the WhatsUpMoms YouTube channel for additional fun DIY wrapping ideas. Check it out!

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