DIY Deco Mesh Christmas Tree


Y’all, I was in the cutest store the other day, Stitches and Stuff, and they had these deco mesh trees all over for their Christmas decor! I know I have said this before, but being a California transplant we don’t get much deco mesh decor around the holidays so this was my first run in with a deco mesh tree! So cute!

Of course, I snooped the tree out to see how they made it. Whoever made it had used a fake christmas tree to make theirs. Last I checked, each tree runs you from about $3 to $8 for a basic, tiny, cheap, Christmas tree. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am all about seeing something I love and trying to find a way to recreate it for less. So, I set out to see if I could recreate this deco mesh tree on a budget.

I hit up my favorite store, the Dollar Tree. I was able to find everything I needed, minus the actual mesh itself, to make this tree. And since I had some mesh left over from my deco mesh wreaths I made the other week, this was a one-stop, supply run. My favorite kind of errand these days.

Armed with supplies, I headed home to make my own version of this adorable deco mesh tree.

Here’s what you need:

1. A tree shaped object. I found a plastic frame wrapped with tinsel garland at the Dollar Tree. Here is a picture of it (I added the pipe cleaners afterwards):


2. & 3. Deco Mesh and Pipe Cleaners.


4. Decorations of your choosing. This can include christmas ornaments, poinsettias, ribbon, etc.

Now, you are ready to begin making your deco mesh tree!

The basic tree has just 4 basic steps! They are:

1. Attach the pipe cleaners to the tree.

2. Attach the edge of the mesh to the top of the tree

3. Continue bunching and attaching the mesh to the tree with pipe cleaners until your tree is full and to your liking.

4. Decorate!

To help with those of you who are more sight driven, I have included more directions in detail and pictures detailing each step for you.

1. To start, attach the pipe cleaners to the tree. I used about 12 pipe cleaners and attached them randomly around the tree frame, starting at the top and working down. Don’t stress too much because you can add more after you start attaching the mesh if you want.To attach the pipe cleaners, thread each pipe cleaner through the tinsel garland, wrapping it in half so it is attached to the tree frame and sticks out like the picture below, and twist once or twice to get a tight fit.


2. Begin adding your mesh. To start, bunch the corner of the mesh edge so that the mesh poofs. You are trying to get volume. Attach the bunched edge with the pipe cleaner closest to the top of the tree by twisting the pipe cleaner around the mesh edge like so:


3. Continue gathering the mesh into bunches and attach the end of each bunch to the tree. Follow the pipe cleaners around from top to bottom, starting with smaller bunches and gradually increasing them in size as you go down the tree. Attach each bunch by twisting a pipe cleaner around it like the picture shows below.


PAUSE: Here are some pictures of what you should be seeing after finishing attaching one color and after finishing adding in another color.



Don’t worry if you need to play with it. Poof out some bunches, tuck in others, add an extra bunch here or there. Play, play, play. Once you get your tree shape to your liking then all you need to do is decorate!

4. Decorate! To start, I added red ribbon over my silver mesh, attaching it with the same pipe cleaner the silver mesh was attached with, like so:


I also added pieces of ribbon to stick out of each area where the red ribbon and silver mesh were attached to the tree. I did so by cutting a 6-8 inch piece of ribbon, angling each end as I cut it, and twisting the pipe cleaner right down the middle of the ribbon like so:


NOW, you are ready to add the finishing touches which help fill in the blank areas still on your tree. I filled in the blank areas with variations of ornaments and flowers like so:


Tuck in the pipe cleaners still sticking out and viola! Done!

I am pretty pleased with my end result, although, I got so excited I didn’t tuck in all the pipe cleaners sticking out. But, you get the idea :).


So many options! I think I am going to make varying heights and add them to my front porch. Let me know what ideas you come up with for your tree in the comments below. If you enjoy what you are reading, feel free to follow my blog to get all my latest decorating and money-saving ideas and tips.

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