Seasonal Decor for Your Front Porch…on a Budget of Course


I am a California transplant now living in North Carolina so I am really enjoying having four seasons, especially fall. I LOVE fall! After what seemed like an eternity of warm weather it is finally cooling down, the leaves are turning colors, the mums are blooming, and that means…fall is here!

I, not surprisingly, also love a fall themed front porch. Who doesn’t? I mean really. So, I set to work to decorate our front porch, on a budget of course, in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Due to some incredibly busy weeks at work, I am now JUST sharing this, but it is still in time for an entire month before Thanksgiving as well as includes some great tid bits to tuck away for next year, the year after, and so on.

So, how do you decorate your porch on a budget?

First, pick a theme that can transcend a few of the holidays that come with Fall  (or Spring, Summer and Winter for that matter). Holiday specific decor can become such a money pit! So, for fall, I chose a scarecrow and pumpkin theme, all in fall colors of course.

I started with the Dollar Tree. Y’all they had a whole scarecrow themed section! I picked up one for my wreath, one for the porch, and one to stick in my yard. They are pictured below:



I also picked up some buckets to put my mums in but ended up only using one for my porch.

Then I hit a craft store. AC Moore is my craft store of choice as they generally always have a coupon available and have some great deals. I scored my large scarecrow for $6 and a smaller one for $2 from AC Moore. Those scarecrows are pictured below:



Lastly, I got my pumpkins and mums. I try to wait until mid season to buy those to get them on sale. I usually buy mine from a local grocery store, Aldi. My pumpkins were $3 and the purple mum was $3 also. I picked up the yellow mums after Halloween for 50% off at Wal Mart so those ended up being $2 and add a more thanksgiving color palette to the porch.


To top it off, I pulled out my DIY wreath and hung it on the door (with my newly added scarecrow of course).

Add one cute pumpkin themed baby and done!


Y’all, it cost me about $30 plus wreath supplies from last year for the entire porch. I have seen ONE decor item for a fall porch cost that much. Sheesh!

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3 thoughts on “Seasonal Decor for Your Front Porch…on a Budget of Course

  1. runtspickins says:

    I live in NC, love Fall, and go to ALDI as well. We are now best friends. Over and out. :]

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