Honest Company Product Review


After calculating such an awesome deal on my first Honest Company bundle, $80 worth of product for under $35 to be exact, I decided to take the plunge into the Honest Company products and see if they were worth the cost. If you missed that money saving post, check it out here. In case you missed one tiny fact in my first sentence let me repeat it: I paid for all my product. That’s right, I paid for my own products and did not receive anything for free. My opinion is unbiased and….well, honest.

Since that first purchase, I have had three bundles delivered to my door and I now have my absolute favorite products as well as those items I probably won’t be buying again. In an effort to save you time and money, here are my product reviews of all the Honest Company products I have tried so far:

Products I LOVE include:

1. Floor cleaner: I LOVE the fresh scent of this cleaner and especially love the shine it gives to my wood floors. Include it in your bundle or get it for 25% off when you include it as one of your additional 3 items.

2. Laundry Detergent: Best bang for your buck when it comes to a toxic free detergent when you include it as part of your bundle.

3. Bathroom Cleaner: Leaves your faucets sparkly and has a great scent. It also doubles as a glass and window cleaner…bonus! Get it for 25% off when you include it as one of your additional 3 items.

4. Breathe Easy Rub: LOVE this stuff. Great scent, clears little, stuffy noses with no toxins, and makes a great sleepy time ritual to help you and your little one sleep better. When you include it as one of your bundle items the price is so worth it. This stuff goes a long ways for as small as it is. Still working on my first one.

5. Conditioning Detangler: I Love how soft my hair is and the fun orangesicle scent is an added bonus. And when I include as one of my additional 3 for 25% off, the price becomes more manageable.

6. Shaving Oil: My husband uses this and loves it. He said he enjoys being able to see exactly what he is shaving, the lack of razor burn after shaving, and the fresh, tingly feeling afterwards. Again, adding it as a part of the bundle makes the price more manageable.

Products I like but can find cheaper somewhere else or didn’t end up using like I thought I would:

1. Shampoo/body wash: This product works fine but I was able to buy the Babyganics version for the same price and it is twice the size so I probably will skip on this Honest product next time.

2. Body lotion: Again, works fine, but the smell is not pleasant and I can get the Babyganics version for around the same price.

3. All Purpose Cleaner: I like the idea of this one but I really don’t use it all that often. Between the bathroom cleaner and floor cleaner, I really only use this one on the kitchen counter tops. Glad to have one bottle around but probably won’t be a frequent buyer on this one.

4. Dish Soap: Good scent, okay sud amount, okay price. Not impressed but I didn’t hate it. Ended up getting cheaper alternatives so I probably won’t be getting this again.

5. Healing Balm: I heard SUCH good raves about this balm and wanted so badly to love it but it just didn’t do it for me. We don’t have any big skin issues other than diaper rash and this didn’t really help that. I am glad I have one tube around for cuts and scrapes but for the price and size, I probably won’t be buying this again.

6. Hand Soap: Again, this one was okay. Didn’t love it or hate it. But for the price, I can get a better value somewhere else. Currently, I am using Seventh Generation’s Mandarin Orange and am loving it. Scored that one for under $3.00 on sale at Target and recently discovered a way to get that one bottle to last months. I’ll try to blog about that soon.

7. Sunscreen: Spray bottle is good bang for your buck when your Ina crunch middle of summer and include it in your bundle. The tube is a rip off in my opinion. Best bet is to wait until end of summer and stock up on Babyganics when it is on sale at Target. Check the expiration date to see if it will last through that next season but that will get you some big money savings on sunscreen.

Products I won’t be buying again:

1. Dishwasher Detergent: Hate it. Didn’t get the dishes clean. End of story.

2. Diaper Cream: Again, hated it. My baby needs some serious protection and this didn’t come close. Also, it is pretty small for the price. Not a good bang for your buck.

3. Baby Powder: I like the idea of it but for the price and size, it just isn’t an affordable option. The scent isn’t that great either. Kind of disappointed by this one.

Hope this helps give you all some idea of what products are worth the extra dollars and what products you are better off finding an alternative to. Let me know in the comments below if you have had experience with Honest products and how that went. Did you love it? Hate it? Have a better alternative? Let me know!

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