Reuse Your Old, Outdated Pillows By Covering Them With A Throw Pillow Cover


I LOVE my “new”, vintage style, linen pillows. I love them so much I wanted to share them with you! Do you have some old pillows lying around that have pretty good shape but the pattern is old or just needs an update? Well don’t throw them away! Just recover them instead.

I have some old, cheap, brown pillows that have needed some love and attending to. If I’m honest, they needed love and attending to a long time ago. I thought about just making my own pillow covers like I did here (you can see them sitting next to the ugly brown pillows I am talking about!) or even tossing the old pillows and making some new ones. But, quite frankly, with an infant I don’t have the time to pick out fabric, pick out fabric paint, pick out stencils, sew the pillow, paint the design and wait for it to dry. Plus, after cost of supplies, I wouldn’t really be saving any money. Sure, with the supplies I could make tons and tons of the same pillow but I only wanted two. Two is not worth it at this stage of life.

So, I set out to find some affordable covers that wouldn’t require a special trip to get (small town = closest target is a 25 minute drive). Amazon is my go to these days with the beauty that is Amazon Prime. I found the cute, vintage cover pictured above for $7.28 with free two day shipping (Prime membership benefits). Done! I added two to my cart and checked out. I love them even more than I thought I would! My old, ugly, cheap brown pillows now have new life and I was able to avoid waste and save money. Score!

I put one of my “new” pillows back on the couch and the other one on our fireplace, the same fireplace I just redid to give it that white washed look and shared all about in this post. What do you think? Good buy or impulse buy?

imageEither way, I love it! While I was perusing I couldn’t help but fall in love with a few more designs that I may have to go back and get at some point. (I mean, this one is so cute and only $5?!?!?!). In the meantime, do you have old or outdated pillows you’re looking to replace? Then check out the one I bought and many more designs here. You have nothing to lose!

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