Honest Company Products: How to afford toxic free products for you and your family

20140709_162144Now that Hubby and I have a little one, I am much more aware of what I put on her and us. She recently developed a very mild form of eczema. Because of that, I began researching what was in her every day use items to find out what was causing her irritation. What I discovered is that it could have been almost anything we were using on her delicate skin. So, I researched alternatives. I needed to be able to balance my baby’s needs with what we could realistically afford. I had heard good things from the Honest Company products and had used it on occasion but the in store prices and rare availability of coupons made their products a rare treat for us. Let’s be honest (get it?), I’m not a fancy blogger who gets all kinds of free product to post about on my blog. I’m a normal mom like most everyone else reading this. I can’t afford Honest Company products on aregular basis based on those in store prices. Those high prices in-store led me to the website and doing a little research. After it was all said and done I was able to save over half of the “in-store” cost. Here is what I did:

First, I sat down to choose 8 items I wanted to try. I made a list of the products and prices on a sheet of paper so I could keep track. I went back and forth and finally ended up with about 10 “want” items on my list. I figured I could cut a few more if I needed to.

From those 10 “want” items, I listed out the five most expensive items. These are the 5 items I would “bundle”. If you are unfamiliar with “bundling” let me explain. Basically, you can choose almost any 5 bath, body or cleaning products from the website and bundle those together for one flat fee of $35.95. So, for example, my five items were $9.95 and up an item. By bundling them, I dropped the cost to under $7.20 an item. Not a bad price but still more than I could afford for daily use items.

Next, I did my research to find any available coupon codes. To find the codes I did what any modern day mom would do, I googled “Honest Company coupon codes”. I found one, UBER40, which saves you an additional 40% off your FIRST bundle. I believe this one expires July 30th, 2014, BUT check the end of this post for an update of the most recent and active codes. I will do my best to keep it up to date. Also, if you open an account without making a purchase, you will most likely get an email shortly thereafter with a coupon code offer. You have to enter the code at the very end right before you finalize your entire order so don’t forget! The coupon I found, the 40% off, dropped the price down to about $4.32 a product So, let’s do the math. After the coupon code, I am now getting laundry detergent which normally costs $12.95 for $4.32, as well as shampoo + body wash, lotion, the Breath Easy Balm and diaper cream which all originally cost $9.95 each for $4.32 each. Now we are getting to my price range.

That’s it for the bundle for now. Moving past the bundle, pick your next 3 priciest items. You get 25% off those three additional items. This is great for items such as their household cleaning products because household cleaning products range from $5.95 to $7.95 so bundling them wouldn’t really save you money and could end up costing you more. But, getting them at 25% off does bring them into the more affordable category for me. So, I added a bathroom cleaner, all purpose cleaner and dishwasher detergent gel, all originally priced at $5.95. Getting the 25% discount dropped the price to $4.46 each. Then, using that same UBER40 code, I ended up getting an additional 40% off these products as well dropping their price down to $2.68 each. What a surprise to get the 40% off those as well! $2.68 is a price I can get on board with.

Lastly, I added an additional dishwasher detergent gel and a refill pack for my all purpose cleaner to get my total high enough to take advantage of the $50 free shipping. If you’re going to either spend the money on more product or pay for shipping then by all means add more to get more product! To my surprise, I also got the extra 25% and the extra 40% off those as well. That means two more $5.95 products for $2.68 each.

HERE’S A TIP: the $50 free shipping is based on the pre-discount code price. So your $35.95 bundle plus a few extras gets you to $50 and free shipping before you use your 25% or 40% off discounts and drop the total price back under $50.

Add in tax and my total for just under $82 worth of product was just under $35 + free shipping to my door (saving me an additional $12 in gas). What a deal!!!

WATCH OUT: When you order the bundle, it automatically sets you up to receive another bundle in about 4 weeks. It is easy to change that date to a later date on their website or cancel the bundle subscription completely, but you do have to make a phone call to cancel it completely. Phone number is listed at the top left of the Honest website. They are super friendly and helpful. Once, I accidentally hit buy before I was ready. They were super friendly and helpful getting that order cancelled with no questions asked.

Okay, so the 40% off code, and most other codes from the Honest Company for that matter, are only for first time users so how do you save money after that? Get your friends to try out these same money saving tips when you send them an invite via the honest website from your account and a link to this blog post and then you get a $20 credit when they make a first time order off your invite. That’s $20 you can save should you choose to keep your bundle subscription! Meaning, you get 5 products for $15.95 next go around! Also, your friends save $10 off their purchases by using your invite and typing in the code INVITED10 at check out. Win, win!

In fact, if you don’t mind, using the link below to get to the Honest Company’s website will help me out with my next bundle: http://www.honest.com/accept_invitation/580650 and don’t forget to use the code INVITED10 to save yourself $10 on your first purchase.

Hope these tips have helped! I know I am loving my honest company products. I especially love the bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, and breathe easy balm. That breath easy balm has my baby asleep minutes after she cuddles up with me and starts feeding. I love all of them but those three surprised me with how much I love them.

Hope that helps you all try Honest out without breaking the bank. Let me know what tips and tricks you tried that worked and any discount codes you are currently using in the comments below. I love a deal!

Currently Active Codes: You can always use this invite – http://www.honest.com/accept_invitation/580650 – and enter in code INVITED10 to save $10 on your first order.

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