DIY Flower Box Flower Arrangement: $11 and 20 minutes


I have been loving my front door flower box! It is so whimsical and different from the old wreath. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good wreath but it is nice to break up the monotony every once in a while. If you haven’t seen the “How To” on my blog for the front door flower box, let me make it easy for you: I hate to say you must make one, but I am afraid you will never know how much fun they are if you don’t. The decorating options are endless!

After the ivy I had originally put in my newly made flower box took a hit from some extreme heat we have been having, I decided to go bright and floral. But, with said heat, I didn’t want to throw my money away on something that would whither away and die in a week. That would make me so sad! So, I set out to find some quality looking floral pieces for a bargain. Who wants to spend $12 for one stem?!?! I ended up at Wal Mart to pick up a few other things I needed and decided to peruse their floral aisle. To my surprise, I found some nicer quality floral choices at a pretty good deal of $3 a bunch. I chose 2 bunches of full, white florals for $3 each and chose to fill in the space with color with 3 bunches of $1 yellow florals. I also picked up some $1 bunches of white peonies just in case I wanted to use them but I decided not to use them for this project and save them for a later project I had in mind.


HERE’S A TIP: Choose one large, good quality flower. Spend the extra money on a few bunches of them. Then, fill in the blank space with cheaper bunches that still have a good look to them. This will bring up the quality of your floral arrangement without breaking the bank!

After selecting my florals, I set to work. I removed each individual stem from the bunch. I then bent each floral head forward and took inventory of what I had.


To prepare the box for the flowers, I placed two foam blocks into the floral box to give the flowers something to anchor into. I purchased these from the Dollar Tree. Score! I placed one whole block in and then sliced up the other block to fill in the gaps.


Once the box was ready I started placing the florals into my flower box. Starting from the middle top, I worked out and down to create a pyramid of floral heads. As I went, I would measure the length of the floral stems I would need. I would play with each floral, fitting it here and there, trimming a bit here and there, until finding each floral its permanent home. It’s a work as you go project but still only took me about 20 minutes to do! Here’s a picture of what the back looked like so you get a feel for the pyramid shape:


Work with your florals to make sure there are no blank spaces and the colors are even yet not uniform. You want them to look somewhat natural.


And done! Told you it wouldn’t take long. And aren’t you super excited about your out of the box, unique, whimsical and super trendy DIY arrangement? Just as a heads up, these floral boxes and arrangements make awesome gifts for new home owners. Let me know how much you love your front door floral box and what florals you decide to use in yours!


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