DIY Tricks to Make Your Walls Feel Taller

blog 176I love drama…not the social life, cause waves kind of drama but the decorating, “wow factor” kind of drama. I love to walk into a room and feel satisfaction. But like any perfectionist, it’s not too long before I walk into that same room with the next, new “must have” DIY idea in mind. Just one more project and then the room will be perfect. Of course, we all know better. Isn’t that beauty of DIY? It’s an ever evolving project. All that to say, when I walked into my formal living room, I wanted taller walls! I wanted them so badly but I am not capable of actually raising the roof and creating the taller walls I covet so badly and there is no way I am paying for that. So, how can I make my walls look taller with minimal cost? I came up with two ideas: Tall, elongated art and extended crown molding. What a difference!

I already blogged about my DIY canvas prints here: I just LOVE their shape! The shape gives the room a modern feel and really does make the walls feel taller.


For the crown molding, I really was looking to not spend any more money. The idea of replacing the perfectly good crown molding we already had in our house seemed so wasteful. So, how can I make the molding I already have look longer, more elegant? With the huge help of my father-in-law, we used some left over chair railing we had from our DIY cabinet project (coming soon) and nail gunned the molding a foot below the crown molding all the way around the room. Then, we painted the crown molding, chair railing and everything in between a glossy white. Here’s a close up:

blog 167

What a difference! I cannot get over how much I love the drama that the molding adds to the room. Perfection…or at least for now.

blog 165

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