Co-Blog: DIY Wedding Table Markers and Other Paper Project Tips

If you’re interested in DIY wedding, then you’re interested in watching your budget. Details can add the “Ahhh!” effect to a beautiful table setting, but incidentals and paper projects can easily cost from $5 to “much more” per table. That multiplied by the number of tables can really add up. Being thrifty and creative can cut those expenses.

For Heather’s wedding I have some creative details I really want to add, but I don’t want to tie up a lot of money into these projects. Soooo, using swap meets, thrift, discount and dollar stores, coupons, as well as some recycling, I was able to make 13 Table Markers, a couple dozen tags for the Hankie Flowers, Lacy Envelopes for a guest game and a couple dozen more table markers to let the guest know they can eat the candy and play the games. Here is a sampling of my projects:

For the natural brown base in all my projects I used recycled file folders; no cost there. For the Capri blue background I found packages of blue shimmer cardstock for $1.49 each at a discount store; I used 2 packages. For the white Linen printing paper I used an online Staples coupon for $25.00 free merchandise on orders of $100.00; essentially, I got all the paper I need and more for free. The lacy envelopes were made from rectangular paper doilies that I picked up at the Dollar Tree along with three rolls of sheer peach ribbon. Swap Meet and Thrift Store finds included tacky glue for $2.00, mounting tape for .50 cents, lace trims for $3.00, and scrabble tiles for lettering – 3 games for $4.00. Other incidentals needed were: ribbon- $1; glue-dots (needed for the game) $4; and glue-stick $2.

Oh! And I cut out all the shapes with my Cricut machine using their Cricut Craft Room Basic Cartridge which is free online. So here is a summary of my paper product costs:

Brown paper Free
Blue paper $3.21
White paper Free
Dollar Tree $4.31
Thrift/Swap Meet $9.50
Incidentals $7.54
Total Costs $24.56

I also picked up a few used scrabble games from yard sales for a few extra dollars. Here is a pic of all my loot:

Here are a few ideas of what you can do with some paper supplies and scrabble pieces:

I estimate that full retail cost for these projects would be $100 plus; add the cost of a Cricut Cartridge and the cost jumps above $150. My cost was less than $2.00 per table and the effect is…well…Ahhhh!!!

Let me know what great paper projects you come up with!

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