DIY Sign: Great for any party

A friend recently turned 30 and in celebration of that her husband wanted to throw her a special surprise party. This whole party was going to center around a talent her husband had which was making crepes. I posted previously about the food labels we made for this party ( but for the crepe bar, I knew I wanted something bigger, something that would bring a lot of attention to the area where the crepes were being made. Here’s what I came up with:

The dream was originally to have also have signs like these saying happy birthday that would be randomly placed on the food table but, sadly, we ran out of time and had to stick with just the crepe bar sign.

1. Flower Foam
2. Tissue paper
3. Ribbon
4. Hot glue gun
5. Thick paper such as card stock
6. Shish Kabob sticks (wooden)

1. First, make the base of each letter. Obviously, count out how many letters are in the word you are trying to spell and make that many bases.

1.1 To make the base, I took this block of foam:

1.2 Cut the block in 1/2 inch thick squares like so:

1.3 Wrapped the foam piece with tissue paper that matched the color theme of the party like so:

1.4 Hot glue ribbon in a complimentary color around the edge of the block like so:

2. Secondly, make the signs.

2.1 Cut out your desired shape out of a complimentary colored paper. For me, I chose brown paper to match the twine bows I used on the other food labels.

2.2 Cut out your letters out of tissue paper. You wanted the size of the letters you cut out to be wider and taller than you would normally prefer. Because, after you cut the letters out, you then crinkle the paper up and glue it onto the shapes you cut out so that the letter keeps a bit of its crinkled look.

2.3 Glue shape onto the Shish Kabob stick. Make sure it is facing up and is not horribly crooked unless you want it that way :).

3. Lastly, stick the remaining end of your Shish Kabob stick into the foam base and Viola, you have a great sign for any party.

What a fun way to let your guests know about special stations or messages at your next party. Let me know how your party sign ideas turn out!


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