Co-Blog: Hankies for your Happy Tears

A recent pinterest post depicting a basket of hankies provided for wedding guests gave me the idea of folding the hankies into flowers and using them for both decorations and favors for the guests for an upcoming wedding but this could be fun for any party such as a graduation or special anniversary party where sentiment and tears will be flowing.

1. Hankies: The hankies can be easily made or bought (I did both). If you choose to buy them, Wal-Mart (in the Men’s Department) has hankies, 6 for $3.00 and 13 for $5.00. If you choose to make them, I found 100% cotton muslin for $1.99 per yard at Wal Mart as well.
2. Trim: the trim I used for my Hankies were blue lace and peach yarn but you can use almost anything. The reaso I chose lace and yarn is because I found a wadded ball of blue lace at the Swap Meet for $8.00 that turned out to be 180 yards of lace (a lot more lace than I needed for this project). And the yarn seemed a natural and inexpensive fit to the lace.

How to Make:

The Hankies: If you choose to make your hankies – Cut out your preferred sized Hankie out of the cotton muslin I mentioned above. Your hankies they will need some type of hemming. I used my serger to edge the material for the blue hankies, but either a sewing machine zigzag stitch or a hand sewn blanket stitch will work well.

The Flowers:

White Flower: For my white flowers I used a men’s 17” hankie. I folded the hankie in half then fan folded it (see picture above). Hold tightly in the middle of the hankie and separate the top layers. Then folded up the end to add more fullness to the bloom. The flower should look somewhat like a carnation. I temporarily secured the flower with a rubber band so I could easily tie it with a piece of twine.

Blue Flower: I started with an 8” square of muslin and 1 ½ yards of 2 ½ “ blue lace. Using a protractor to make a 45 degree angle and a straight edge (bottom edge should be 8”), I made a pattern for the trim and cut four pieces (See picture above). Next, I sewed the corners together with wrong sides together, pressed open the seams and sewed the trim to the 8” square. To fold, I held the four corners together, and then tucked in the centers with the corners. While holding the four corners and centers together, I temporarily secured the flower in place with a twisty tie and then tied it with a piece of twine.

Peach Flowers: I used a small sharp crochet hook to single crochet two rows around the edge of the hankie (See picture above). I made two rose buds from one hankie by rolling the top and bottom edges. To fold: begin to roll the edge, once the center is made slowly begin to fold over the edge. Roll a bud on both the top and the bottom and fold together in the middle. I secured these with twisty ties and thin peach ribbon. I also made a full bloom. To fold this flower, start with a diagonal fold. Do not match the corners; leave them off center, then roll the hankie same way as the rose buds. Fold up the bottom edge to add fullness to the flower.

Finishing Touches: The flowers were placed in a ball canning jar decorated with a burlap bow. To hang the jar from the chairs, I used blue rope I found at the swat meet for $2.00. The final touch was a tag to let the guest know the hankies are for their convenience, “The Hankies are Here for your Happy Tears”.

We plan to have bouquets of hankies for your tears laid out on tables as well as hanging from the back of chairs similar to this picture:

Let me know how your Hankies turn out and what fun ways you find to display them!


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