Co-Blog: DIY Wedding Program and Fan in One – Wedding Series

A few months back, I blogged about my wedding programs that doubled as fans for our guests. Here’s a quick link to that blog:

A few readers asked me to post a picture of the back of the programs. So, I emailed my mom to shoot over a picture of the programs. She did one better, she took multiple pictures and included her own version of how to make these. So, for those of you who waited so patiently…here, finally, is a picture of back of the program and my Mom’s “How To”:

Here’s what I did:

1. For these programs I started with blank wood cut outs I found at Michael’s (which gave me five bases for $1). I loved the shapes and thought they would make a solid, sturdy base.

2. I hand painted the bases because it was the color I really wanted, but to save a lot of labor, I would recommend spray painting them.

3. The handles were made from wide Popsicle sticks (which I did spray paint). I used two sticks applied with hot glue for each program, one on each side.

4. The picture and program were printed out on matt photo paper and applied with a good quality glue stick.

5. For embellishments I added an initial, leaves and a bird with stamps. Other decorative elements were feathers, ribbon and a few crystals.

Happy crafting and let us know how your programs turn out!


One thought on “Co-Blog: DIY Wedding Program and Fan in One – Wedding Series

  1. […] See a tutorial for this idea with a wood fan background. […]

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