Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

Presentation can make even the simplest of gifts a great experience for the person receiving the gift…but only if done properly. I really enjoy making not only the gift beautiful, but the wrapping itself beautiful as well. It’s an added bonus when you can wrap your gift in something that can be considered an additional gift. Using the graduate gifts I made for some very special girls, I want to show you how a trendy box, a clear blueberry container and some tissue can make a fantastic presentation.

I grabbed these boxes from Big Lots for $6 each (SO perfect for girls heading off to college. Who doesn’t need extra storage in a dorm room?):

First, You fill the box with tissue and the blueberry container. Here’s how I do it: I place a piece of tissue on the bottom of the box. Add your blueberry container to the left back corner of the box. Scrunch up tissue and place all around the blueberry container. Here’s what the inside of my box looked like:

Secondly, Add your tallest gift to the right back corner of the box and angle it toward to the center of the box. For me, this was a coffee thermos. I placed it in my box like so:

Thirdly, add your second tallest piece by placing it, angled toward the center of the box, on top of the bluberry container. For me, this was my felt flower canvas. I placed it in my box like so:

Lastly, add your shortest piece to the middle front of the box. Sometimes, you may need to add more tissue to make sure your shortest piece is still seeable when you look at the box. You don’t want your gifts to be hidden. For me, my shortest piece was my monogrammed canvas. I placed it in my box like this:

So many ways to add height and dimension to your gifts. I promise, once you start spicing up your wrapping, presentation will become half of the joy of giving a gift. Play around with your own heights and dimensions and let me know how your gift wrapping turn out!


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