DIY Monogrammed Canvas

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. 1 6×6 stretch canvas
2. Spray paint in your grad’s college color(s)
3. Hot glue gun and glue
4. Stencil for your letter
5. Ribbon or twine

Here’s what I did to make the Monogrammed Canvas:

1. Spray paint your canvas with two coats, letting each coat dry about 2 hours.
2. Once the second coat is dry, take a pice of paper and cut out a box in similar size to you stencil. Tape the stencil to this paper, letting the letter show through the cut out portion. You are doing this so that when you place your stencil on your canvas, the rest of the canvas is covered and protected from the paint.
3. Once paper is attached around the stencil, add rolled tape to the back of the stencil as close to the letter shape as you can get it. At this point, the back of your stencil should look like so:
4. Attach the stencil to the middle of your canvas – Be very sure that it is centered!
5. Stand about 1′ away from the canvas and spray paint over it with your grad’s second school color. Let it dry completely.
6. Remove stencil and make any necessary touch ups by spraying the paint onto a plate and using a paint brush to make the touch ups where necessary.
7. Outline the letter with a marker to give the letter some pop.
8. Add a little bow of ribbon or twine to a corner of the letter to give your canvas a little 3D pop.
9. If you want to cavas to hang by ribbon or twine, measure out two 10″ pieces of ribbon/twine. Add a dallop of glue to each top corner on the back of the canvas and attached one end of each piece of the ribbon/twine. Once dry, tie the ribbon/twine at the top and hang your canvas.

Here’s a Tip:
To mix it up a bit, I decided instead of painting the letter on one, I would cut the letter out of cabinet liner in a cool pattern and attach it with a hot glue gun. Here’s a look at how that one came out:

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