DIY Graduation Gifts

Two girls who are very special to me are seniors in high school this year. Boy did we go through some ups and downs together as the girls worried about sports, school and, most of all, college. Needless to say, where these girls will each go on to study is something that is special to me and my memories with them. To commemorate each girl’s decision, I wanted to make each a very special gift in the colors of their soon to be schools. Nothing like a little school spirit right? I knew immediately that I wanted to make them something for their dorm. Who doesn’t remember how fun it was to decorate your “own” dorm for the first time? So, I set off to find some inspiration. Like any good DIY girl, I hit up pinterest first. That’s where I found a link to make felt flowers that that particular DIY diva had attached to an old pillow. Well, sadly I was unable to find any pillows in the right colors so I got creative. I decided to take the felt flower idea in a new direction. I made each girl two wall decorations, one with their first name initial and the other a 3D felt flower. Here’s how one set turned out:

For the flower canvas, go here:

For the monogrammed canvas, go here:

For how I wrapped them, go here:

The girls loved them and needless to say, the felt flower canvas was the biggest hit. What a great way to show your graduate how excited you are for their future and how much they mean to you all at the same time. Here’s to a happy graduation to all those graduates out there! Let me know how your DIY graduate gifts turn out.

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