DIY Flower Canvas

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. 1 6×6 stretch canvas. I picked up the ones I used at Wal Mart:
2. Spray paint in your grad’s college colors. Here’s the kind I used:
3. Hot glue gun and glue
4. 6 sheets of felt
5. Ribbon or twine if you want to hang the canvas

Here’s what I did:

1. Spray the canvas with two coats of paint, waiting about 2 hours for each coat to dry.

2. While waiting for the canvas to dry, start making your flower.

3. To do that you need to cut out 12 pieces (don’t worry if they aren’t perfect) of felt from each of these shapes:

4. On the bottom stem of each felt piece, apply a small amount of glue and pinch the two ends of the bottom of each petal together so each petal cups.

5. Cut out a 2″ wide circle from remaining felt (or even a thick paper will do)

6. Glue the largest petals around the outside of the circle. Make sure each petal barely touches the petal next to it at its widest point.

7. Move into the circle about 1/4″ and, using the large petals again, glue each petal in between each set of the outer petals.

8. Move in another 1/4″ and, using the middle sized petals, glue each petals in between each set of the previous larger petals.

9. Move in another 1/4″ and, using the smaller petals, glue each petal in between each set of middle sized petals.

10. Add two final small petals to the middle

11. Complete by adding a button or circle of twine to the center of your flower.

12. If you want to cavas to hang by ribbon or twine, measure out two 10 inch pieces of ribbon/twine. Add a dallop of glue to each top corner on the back of the canvas and attached one end of each piece of the ribbon/twine. Once dry, tie the ribbon/twine at the top and hang your canvas.

Takes about an hour and makes such a fun piece for a soon to be graduate. Let me know your DIY gifting ideas!

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