DIY Party Idea: $2 and 20 minute Cupcake Stand

Continuing with the party decor theme, when I was planning the surprise party for my friend I knew I wanted a fun centerpiece with some height to it and I had all but set my heart on making a cupcake stand. I scoured the internet for ideas but most of the DIY tutorials involved cutting out multiple pieces of cardboard and supporting each piece with foam, turning my stand into a somewhat time consuming craft. Now, what I haven’t mentioned yet was that the same day I was making all these decorations, myself and many others were helping put on and run a 5k run to help raise money for trafficked women all around the world ( I don’t know how many of you have helped put on a race, but I can assure you that it doesn’t leave as much time as I would have liked to make a cupcake stand that involves cutting out numerous shapes for each layer. So, I had to get creative. I walked around the house looking for something sturdy that, alone, could hold up the weight of cupcakes. I thought about layering plates, using candle sticks to separate them but I wanted more height and the higher my plates got, the less confident I was in their ability to stay up. So, I walked into the garage to look through my craft supplies. I didn’t find much until I saw a 3 foot piece of foam about 3 inches thick across from my craft pile, it was from my husband’s basketball goal packaging. It was perfect. Thanks honey! The great thing is, most of us have something like this hanging out in our garage. Just a thick piece of foam taking up space. Now, you can turn what you thought was a future packing tool into a trendy and SO simple cupcake stand.

So here’s what I did:

1. I cut the foam into three pieces, one 18 inches, one 12 inches and the last one six inches long.

2. I then hot glued ribbon along the top and bottom of each piece of foam in a matching color to my party decor.

3. I cut a foam block (pictured below) in half.

4. I took each half of the foam block and glued white tissue paper around it, giving each half a double layer of tissue to ensure you could not see the green tint through the thin tissue.

5. Lastly, I glued one side of the foam block to the top and the other side of the foam block to the bottom of the foam pieces to complete my cupcake stand as pictured here:

It may not last me as long as some cupcake stands may, but for about $2 and 20 minutes of time, I had a trendy yet thrifty cupcake stand that was perfect for the party. It held up all my cupcakes without any fear that it may topple and was sturdy enough that I had no concerns of it making to the party without breaking. Let me know what foam pieces you use to create your easy yet trendy cupcake stand.


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