DIY PARTY IDEA: Takes 5 Minutes to Create Trendy Chic Food Labels

Have you ever gone to a party and wondered what in the world you were eating? It’s a good idea to eliminate the guessing game for your guests by labeling the food and even going so far as to list potential allergy ingredients such as peanuts, dairy or gluten. I know I have used a variety of ways to label food from using place card holders to paper labels attached to toothpicks to this latest idea, attaching a brown paper label with twine to a mason jar. This most recent idea was inspired by my friend. She loves hydrangeas and has a bit more of an eclectic sense of style. I knew boring old food labels would not work for this party. So I set to work trying to incorporate hydrangeas, twine and food labels into one piece. This is what I came up with:

Here’s What I Did:

1. I cut out tag style shapes out of an old paper bag I had from a grocery store trip. You could use any shape really. I think next time I am going to try circles.

2. I wrote one food item on each tag in my best handwriting. You can use stencils but it takes much longer. Also, make sure you watch your spelling.

3. I snipped a little hole in the end of the tag and laced a piece of twine about a foot long through it.

4. I tied the twine around the lip of the mason jar, made my bow and then dragged the label around so it faced the front near the bow.

5. I filled the jar half way with water and added the home grown hydrangeas donated from another friend.

6. DONE! It takes about 5 minutes and 5 supplies to make these super helpful and trendy pieces for any party.

Let me know what ideas you come up with for food labels!

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