Paper Pom Pom: Gift Wrapping Bow

Everyone has seen the large DIY pom poms at a wedding or party. I myself have made these larger pom poms before for many a party. But today, for the first time (maybe I’m a little behind), I saw the mini version for sale at a local store and advertised as gift bows. HOW CUTE! Even better, these “bows” are made the same way as the larger pom poms all over the internet…meaning these “bows” are DIY! I came home and set to work creating my own pom pom “bows.” I quickly found out how useful these little “bows” can be. They add a fun element to any gift. For example, I bought a friend a gift from one of her favorite stores. I love the store’s bag but felt that it was too simple for a gift. After all, I am all about the presentation. After making a mini pom pom and attaching the pom pom to the handle of the bag, I was so excited. Viola! A trendy bag perfect for gift giving.

I also needed to wrap a gift in a shoe size box. My husband had a shoe box that was the perfect size but there was only one problem, I had run out of wrapping paper and there was a Nike symbol right on top of the box…not the kind of wrapping I am super proud of. But by simply adding some twine and a pom pom, you would never guess the box was an old Nike shoe box.


1. Take one sheet of tissue paper and cut it into three strips.

2. Then cut each of the three strips in half so you have six somewhat rectangular shaped pieces of tissue. Don’t worry if they aren’t all the same size.

3. Then stack the six pieces on top of each other. Try to get their sides to match up as best they can.

4. Then take the shorter end and begin to fold the group of tissue as if you were making a fan.
5. Once done folding the pieces all the way, tie the middle with a piece of string.

6. Once tied, cut off both sides, making a rounded corner.

7. Then begin to pull each piece toward the center string, fluffing each piece as you go.

8. Once each individual piece has been pulled and fluffed you should have your own mini Pom Pom!

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