DIY Mother’s Day Bouquet – $13

Near my home, like many homes, is a fantastic grocery store. At this grocery store are fresh cut flowers, a huge variety of flowers offered for $4 a bunch. With such great variety and price, who can pass them up? I know I have succumbed to them many a time. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching and the insane cost of flowers that come from a florist, I thought a blog on DIY floral arrangements was in order. So, I packed up my car with my sister in tow and the two of us headed to pick out our flowers. We ended up choosing three types: the main arrangement flower is the pink lily, the accent flower is the white daisy and the filler is the Lavendar Limonium. Color and texture all go well together. Better yet, total cost is $12. You can’t beat that! Here’s a picture of our flowers straight from the store:

After cutting the plastic off of the flowers and separating the stems, I pulled out my vase. It is important to have your vase before you start trimming the stems because you want to make sure your stems are the perfect length. I had picked up a glass pitcher from a yard sale a few weeks back for a buck and I immediately thought of it when I was dreaming up this blog. I love the modern shape of the pitcher but really, any cool shape would work. Here is a picture of the pitcher I used:

Here’s what I did:
First, I added in my accent flowers. Trim each stem by placing the stem next to the pitcher so you know the exact height each bloom will be. If you are using daisies, make sure the bottom bloom of each bunch touches the top of the vase. This prevents any blank space between the vase and the blooms.

Secondly, add in your focal bloom, again trimming the stems. This time, trim some of the stems to be just a bit taller than the accent blooms. Space the focal blooms so they are not clumped into one area.

Thirdly, add in your filler to fill any blank spaces and add height to your arrangement.

HERE’S A TIP: When you make your final trim on each stem, do so at an angle and with a knife preferably over scissors. This allows the flowers to absorb more water.

Here’s a closer look at the flowers and their arrangement:

Lastly, I tied a little bow using some twine. Viola! A Mother’s Day bouquet at a quarter of the cost. Now try out your own arrangement for your mom this Mother’s Day!

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