DIY Weddings: A series of tips and ideas to help you save money and still have the wedding of your dreams.

Today, DIY weddings are huge! I am so proud to be part of a generation of weddings that encourages beauty and individuality while still focusing on thrift and creativity. When I first started planning my own wedding, my dad gave me a very small budget. I guess he hadn’t realized the extremity of the inflating costs of a wedding since he had gotten married to my mom almost 30 years ago. Even though my budget was small, I come from a “make it happen” kind of family. A small budget never once meant to me that I would have to cut out things that I truly wanted in my wedding. No, a small budget simply meant I would have to find ways to save everywhere I could so that I could have everything I wanted in my wedding. We did almost everything ourselves from making our own bouquets, wedding programs, centerpieces, aisle decor and much, much more and we made strategic decisions to save even more money such as having a Friday evening wedding and using priceline to bid on hotel rooms for our wedding party. Sounds time consuming? Well I had most of my wedding planned for and done while I was attending law school across the country. I promise, with some good help and budget friendly ideas, you can do the same. It is my plan to focus once a month, at least, on a DIY item or tip that really helped me cut back on the costs. When the wedding costs were all said and done, we ended up saving over double what the wedding actually cost us and I had everything I had dreamed of on my wedding day.


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