Thrifting: Time-Saving Approach

Some weekends don’t you wish you could just pop into a store and walk out ten minutes later with high quality wardrobe staples and only a few dollars out? I, like you, don’t always have hours to scourge every store in my area looking for some fantastic wardrobe pieces and even more, I do not have an endless supply of cash to fund such hours of shopping. Yet, the shopping bug is not always so considerate of my time schedule nor my wallet. So, here’s my tip for those days when you only have a few minutes, a few dollars and the shopping bug has oh so inconveniently bitten. Here’s what I do:

1. Choose your store. It’s good to be familiar with the different local thrift stores in your area. Our local GCF is the best bet for quality items at a good price. So whenever I am in a time crunch it’s my go to store.

2. Quickly scan the store. Decide on two or three sections you want to shop in today. Mine are usually the home decor section and the shirt section.

3. Walk down each section you have chosen, giving the shelves/racks a quick scan. Don’t pick anything up yet.

3. Go back and rescan. This time, only pick up those items that pop out at you. For example, instead of taking an hour to look at every piece of clothing on every rack, I walk along the racks looking for two things: color and fabric. I only pull out those items that are in shades I favor (without fading) and fabrics without wear. Once pulled, I then check the item for fit, quality and style. Within 10 seconds of seeing it, I have pulled it and decided if it is something I want.

4. Make your pile then choose the items you know you will love and discard the items you are questionable about. Don’t agonize over the decision. Either you love it or you don’t.

5. Take your “love it” items up to the counter. In case you didn’t read a few posts back, here’s a tip I gave: ask if that particular store puts different items on discount once a week. Perhaps you can score your items that you love for half-off of already low prices. Now that is a steal in both time and monetary savings.

I tried this technique a few weeks ago and came out with two items I love love love! Took me about 10 minutes and $7 to score a Claiborne Navy Blazer and an Ann Taylor Silk Blouse (LOVE the button details on the sleeves and back neck):


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