Christmas in…April???

There are two great times to score great Christmas decor for a fraction of the cost. In the weeks after christmas from most stores and at yard sales in mid-spring.

For scoring in the stores, I like to wait a few weeks after Christmas. This is when the stores take the merchandise from 50% off and mark it down to 75-90% off. Of course you take the risk that not everything you want will still be available by then. But, if you are patient, you can score some great deals. I got my 6′ tree for $10 and 48 bulbs for $4. Now that is a Merry Christmas. I also stocked up on holiday platters for next year gift ideas. I plan to blog about those when the time comes.

For scoring at yard sales, I have found that spring is the best time. When most people are cleaning out the closets and the weather is warming up…like right now! I spent some time yard saling yesterday and almost every yard sale I went to had a pile of Christmas items for sale. Most items I had already had my fill of from my store scourge but the one thing I am a sucker for is a well made wreath. Wreaths in a store are rediculously expensive. No way I am going to pay $40 or $50 bucks for a circle of sticks to hang on my door for a month no matter how cute it is. But, bring the price down to $3 and you have yourself a deal! The wreath pictured above is one that I scored yesterday for $3. What a steal! I imagine that almost everywhere right now, christmas decor will be for sale for almost nothing. Maybe you should consider spending an hour and drive by a few yard sales just to see. Bring a friend and grab breakfast afterwards. You never know what you might find!


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