Chalkboard Table

I love it when I stay at a friend’s house and in “my” room there is a fun place for me to leave the hostess a little note. Some have chalkboards, some have dry erase boards, some have a little notepad and the list goes on. It’s so fun to create a little note thanking your hostess for the great time and leaving it in your room for your hostess to find as a little surprise. You feel like you get to leave a little bit of you when you leave. With that in mind, I wanted to create a place for my guests to be able to leave a little bit of themselves everytime they come. I wanted them to be able to do it in a unique way. Since we are renting right now, painting the wall with chalkboard paint is not an option (although I cannot wait to try that out, framed with an old antique frame painted in a pop color). I had to think of something else. Then it hit me. I had been planning to repaint some old IKEA tables that I picked up off of Craigslist black to match my guestroom. What if I painted the tops of those tables with chalkboard paint? How cute would that be? Here’s how they came out:

It is super easy and makes any room instantly more fun! Here’s what I did:

I spray painted my brown IKEA tables with a black, flat paint. I did two coats, giving each coat a few hours to dry.

Then, using painter’s tape, I taped around the edges of the table leaving some of the tape exposed at the top of the table as shown here:

This will make sure your chalk paint stays only on the top of your table.

I painted the top with three coats of chalkboard paint, giving each coat a few hours to dry. After I finished the last coat, I left the table outside overnight to make sure the paint fumes were completely gone.

I had previously scored some Christmas bulbs from Wal Mart a few weeks after Christmas, 48 of them for under $4! I filled up an old glass bowl with some of these bulbs and placed it in the center of my table. To top it off, I added a little ribbon bow to a piece of chalk to “dress it up” and laid it on the table next to my welcome note. Now, everytime a guest stays over they can have at it drawing and writing, leaving a little piece of themselves each time they come. At some point, I will probably fill the bowl with chalk dressed in ribbon but I could not find the chalk that I wanted. Hopefully I can find it soon!

Another idea would be to do this for a kid’s room. How cute would this be in pink? Maybe hot glue some scrunched tulle to the sides of the table to make it look like a tutu! The options are endless. Let me know what you come up with!


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