$6 Floral Arrangement

Has it really been almost 2 months since my last post? Oh my, what an almost two months it has been. I promise, my negligence is not without good reason. Thankfully, life is back to somewhat normal and we are getting into the groove again. Our groove this weekend included some much needed yard sale and thrift shopping. Boy did I find some deals! Today’s post is highlighting a planter I picked up for $1 from a yard sale. The planter inspired me to try out my hand at making my own floral arrangement. Who can believe how much a pot of fake flowers costs nowadays?!?! No way I am going to pay $20 or $30 bucks for what I can make for $6 and an hour of my time. Here is what I came up with:

What drew me to this particular planter was its funky shape, a shape very similar to the shape genre of the candlesticks I posted earlier this year. I guess you all are figuring out my style eh? When I purchased the planter, it was a funky green/brown blend. Not really my kind of coloring. So, once I was home, I took some white gloss spray paint and added two coats, taking an hour break in between coats. While I gave the second coat a bit more time to dry, I hit up my local dollar tree for some affordable floral inspiration. Going into the store, I knew I wanted my “pop” color to be yellow and complimentary colors to be white/cream/green. Below are my 3 choices. Of course, this picture was taken after I cut them all off of the main stem.

Here is what I did:
After cutting the flowers apart from the main stem, I took a small knife and carved some foam (also from the dollar tree) into the shape of the hole in the planter.

Once the foam was securely placed in the planter, I took my longest stemmed “pop” color flower and placed it directly in the middle. This gives you a center to work around.

Working around the tulip, I alternated my cream flowers placing them in a somewhat circle around the yellow tulip. Try to alter the length of the stems. You don’t want it to look too staged. Continue until you can no longer see the foam.

I then took the remaining “pop” color flowers and added them spradically into the mix. HERE’S A TIP: Your “pop” color flower should be the flowers that stick out a little more than the others. This will really make the color take the stage.

Use the cream flowers to fill in bald spots until you are satisfied with the look. I had to play with it a bit to get all the flowers to work together just so.

Lastly, I took grass sprigs that I also had picked up from the dollar store and added them into the mix to give the arrangement more height.

I added this arrangement to the same room that has the candlesticks and cabinet liner bookshelves. It sits right next to my $1 lamp that I scored from a previous yard sale trip. I think the arrangement adds a nice pop of yellow to the mainly black and white room. Here’s a peek at it in action:

Hope you have a ton of fun adding your own personal style to your arrangements. For fun, try adding butterflies, humming birds or ribbon to the mix. Let me know how your arrangement turns out!


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