Cabinet Liners Make a Chic Bookcase Accent…And It’s SO Easy!

I spent a good portion of my Saturday shopping at local thrift stores and yard sales. I cannot wait to show you all the steals and deals. But for this blog, I want to focus on a particular DIY makeover. In the guest room are two bookshelves. You know, the basic bookshelves you can get at walmart or target for about $20. These bookshelves have been wanting for some DIY makeovers for some time now. I was inspired by one of my yard sale finds, two very chic shaped candlesticks that I picked up from a yard sale for 50 cents each.

I immediately envisioned these candlesticks atop my bookshelves. But, as I said before, I have known the guest bedroom bookshelves badly needed some spicing up. I didn’t want to just put some fabulous candlesticks on top of a cheap old bookshelf. To spice up the shelves, my idea was to line the back of each bookshelf with a timeless black and print cream print. I wanted the print to pop. I searched all over my small town for such a print to affix but much to my dismay, I found nothing. I thought I would have to turn to ordering some pricier paper online when I saw them, rolls of the perfect classic black and white print. Cabinet liner rolls. You know, the kind you put on your kitchen cabinet shelves to keep the shelves clean. Cabinet liners are so perfect because they are easy to apply and just as easy to remove should you decide to change the whole look of the case. I bought up three of the rolls for $1 each (Thanks Dollar Tree)! With my new candlesticks and cabinet liner in tow, I began the makeover. Here’s is what I came up with:

Here’s a closer look at the candlesticks:

What do you think?

Here’s what I did:

Candlesticks: I added two coats of black spray paint followed by a shine coat to each candlestick. I let them air dry for about 8 hours.

HERE’S A TIP: Look for objects with a funky shape. By painting them one color you have a very unique yet timeless piece. It just happened that I found candlesticks but anything with an eye popping shape would have worked.

Bookshelves: I took all the books off my shelves, took the shelves out of the case and laid the case down face up. Careful to line up the edges of the paper to the edges of the cabinet, I began to affix the cabinet liner to the back board of my bookshleves. It took some practice, but once I got it down it only took about 5 minutes to get both cases lined. Easy as that and SO worth the effort!

Print Background Behind Candlesticks: Using the leftover liner, I lined two large pieces of cardboard to create a “canvas” of the same print. I think it helps the print pop against the wall.

Framed print: The picture frame next to the candlesticks is from The Dollar Tree. I simply cut out a small piece of the cabinet liner and put that into the frame. I think it adds a little something extra to the setup. My next goal is to find some silver accents to add to the decor.

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One thought on “Cabinet Liners Make a Chic Bookcase Accent…And It’s SO Easy!

  1. Becky Warner says:

    looks great!!

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