DIY Wedding Programs…With a Twist

When planning my wedding, I knew I wanted my and my husband’s personalities to be in the details. My mom is a fantastic designer. I simply told her what I wanted and she took it somewhere I couldn’t have imagined. I will be posting some of those details from my wedding in blogs to come in hopes of inspiring some of you for your own upcoming weddings!

For the wedding programs, I knew I wanted something more than a paper folded program. Not that there is anything wrong with them, but again, my goal was to let my personality come out in the details. My mom and I collaberated and came up with the pictures above.

To make: we simply took wood cutouts which we purchased from michaels (Using coupons we got in the mail and our emails) and popsicle sticks. We spray painted the cutouts and sticks with a cream color spray paint and then glued one posicle stick on each side of the wood cutouts. We then printed out a sepia picture of me and my husband in the shape of a heart and our ceremony program and docoupaged them to the wood cutout, picture on the front and program on the back. Add a little ribbon, feathers and bling and tada, you have a low budget program that gives a big impression. We displayed the programs in an old planter that my mom scored from a yard sale for $10. We spray painted the planter to match and had an eye stopping display for minimal cost.

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3 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Programs…With a Twist

  1. These are great. I would love to see what the side with the program looks like.

    • I will be having my mom Co-blog with me. She is home with all my wedding stuff (I moved across the country right after getting married). She will be able to post more pictures of all my wedding details and give more insight into how some of it was made and what it cost. I will let her know to post a pic of the program side for you. Thanks for visiting the blog!

    • Finally got my post up showing the back of these programs. Posted it yesterday, Check it out and let me know how you would improve it!

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