DIY Trendy Chic Chalkboard: Just Takes an Old Mirror + Spray Paint

I have seen mirrors very similar to the one I used at thrift stores for about $5. What you are looking for is a frame with tons of details. That’s what I really loved about my frame. What I didn’t love was the gold, gold, gold. To change that, I first cleaned my mirror very well. Next, I taped newpaper onto the mirror portion to protect it. Make sure you tape carefully along to the edge to cover all your mirror portion without touching the frame portion. Then, taking basic black spray paint (at Wal Mart for $1), I sprayed two coats onto the frame waiting about 4 hours between coats.

HERE’S A TIP: to bring out the instrisic details on the frame, I added an axtra coat of super gloss clear coat spray paint ($3). The details look fantastic in the natural lighting of our kitchen.

Once the frame was dry, I let mine dry overnight to make sure it was completely dry, I removed the newspaper from the mirror and used painter’s tape ($1) to cover the newly blackened frame. Again, be careful to cover the interior of the frame without overlapping onto the mirror. I then used my chalkboard spray paint ($4) and sprayed three coats onto the mirror, waiting about 4 hours between coats. Once the chalkboard paint dried (again, I waited overnight to make sure), I had an $8 chalkboard that was just as much a design element as it was functional. Now, I can let my husband know when I will be late or what he needs to pick up after work on an elegant and fantastically chic board.

HERE’S A TIP: With graduation season approaching, chalkboards make a great gift! Affordable yet so trendy! To switch it up, try making 3 chalkboards out of smaller frames for a fun dorm room arrangement or painting the frames in the graduate’s new college colors to show their new school spirit.

Happy painting and let me know what ideas you have for how to use your new chalkboard!

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One thought on “DIY Trendy Chic Chalkboard: Just Takes an Old Mirror + Spray Paint

  1. What a great idea! Just moved in with my boyfriend and we were thinking of getting a chalkboard for the kitchen. I’m going to keep an eye out for a good mirror deal. Love your posts!

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